10 Reasons Working Remotely is a Blessing

Most never thought working from home was possible until the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, where companies had to either shut down or shift base. Those employees who were lucky to retain their jobs had to work from home, and for most, it was unsettling but reassuring that they still had a job that could meet their needs. Working from home meant a 180-degree change. It was a challenge conducting office work while at home but with time, most have got used to the change, love it, and are not looking forward to life in the office again.  Why is this so?

Photo Credit Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Flexible Workspace

 The notion of turning a corner of your sitting room into your workspace doesn’t have to be boring or standard. You can work from your bedroom, turn the kitchen counter into your work desk or move to the balcony for some fresh air and paperwork. You can go for any setup that makes you comfortable and relaxed. You can also change your work area as you wish.  For instance, you may feel more comfortable working from the kitchen but later move to the bedroom when you need more private time.

Flexible Work Schedule

 If you are not an early morning person, you probably struggle to get up and prepare to go to work but are at your best in the evening and night. Working from home means that you can sleep in when you want and take care of work commitments when your energy levels are at their highest. It also means you can plan your tasks better and be more flexible. For instance, if you have an event to attend in the afternoon, you can wake up early and take care of the day’s workload, then have a free afternoon to enjoy.

More Family Time

 The best thing about working from home is that you get to spend most of your time with loved ones. You no longer have to spend long hours away from family as it happens when reporting to an office. When you have young children, it’s always heartbreaking having to leave them in the morning as you go to work. Probably, you never get to spend enough time with them because you leave too early when they are still asleep and come back when they are tired, sleepy, and want to go to bed. However, it would help if you created enough time and space away from your children to take care of work commitments undisturbed.  But after some time, everyone understands and respects when you have to work.

It’s Cheaper

 You don’t have to commute to and from work, which is an added cost. Additionally, you don’t have to budget for lunch because you can eat whatever you have in the house. If you already have a reliable internet connection and computer, you can start working from home immediately. Also, you don’t have to invest in expensive work outfits, shoes, or makeup. It’s perfectly okay to work in your pajamas or home clothes. You will never have the pressure to dress up unless when attending a video meeting.

Work from Anywhere

 Working remotely doesn’t confine you to a desk in your house, but you can work from anywhere, including your favorite coffee shop, vacation destination, or entertainment joint. All you need is to invest in a quality laptop with a long battery life and a remote internet source. You can enjoy doing all the things you love and not get behind with your work schedule.

You Gain More Skills

Working at home means you have to gain essential skills such as tethering your devices, drafting professional emails, solving device issues, and handling all work-related problems on your own. As Google becomes your closest friend, you gain skills you would never have before. Previously, there was an able secretary to handle all the communication, a technical team to address computer problems, and willing coworkers to help you with challenging tasks. 

You Can Have Several Jobs

 Because you don’t have to show up in an office for a 9 to 5 job, you can work for several companies as long as you schedule your time well. Even when a company insists on a time log, you can organize without conflicting with your other work. Check out common rotating shift schedules for an effective work plan and insight. With proper planning, you will manage to hold more than one job, offer excellent results, and in the end, increase your salary.

If you have ever thought of starting a business, this is a perfect time to do it. You will have a lot of time working on your passion without compromising on your work demands. As you will realize, there are many businesses you can start and run from home even when low on capital. Some may not even require any money to start.

More Productivity

 Think of all that time wasted commuting to and from work, the tea and lunch breaks. Also, there are workmates you have to spend time catching up with and other office interruptions you cannot avoid. There are fewer interruptions and less noise at home, which means you can concentrate on your work for longer hours. You also don’t have to take breaks unless you want, but in an office, you have to stop whatever you are doing when it’s lunchtime or at the end of your shift. Most people prefer working from home when they need to concentrate or work uninterruptedly.

A Healthier Work-Life Balance

 Because you have time for your loved ones, nurture hobbies, and work more freely, you tend to be a happier and more productive employee. You also eat healthier meals, have time to work out, and nurture meaningful relationships with loved ones, which leads to a better work-life balance. Not forgetting that you are less exposed to diseases, dirt, and don’t have to deal with irritating coworkers.

When you are disciplined and focused on your work goals, it’s easier to cultivate a healthy remote working lifestyle. You will be happy with the freedom, and the change will increase your productivity, leading to an improved lifestyle.

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