Out With The Old And In With The New – My 2019 Goals & Resolutions

I can’t believe another year has flown by! At the start of a New Year I like to take the opportunity of a fresh start and sit down and write out a few goals for the upcoming year. Although I’m slightly late to the party posting this (15 days to be exact!), I would like to share my 2019 goals with you, so I can look back one year from now and see what I have achieved. Hopefully they will inspire you to write down your goals for the year!

  • Cut down on takeaways and meals out

My boyfriend and I have a really bad habit of being lazy when it comes to cooking and instead ordering takeaway or treating ourselves to a meal. As grateful as I am that we can afford to do this, it doesn’t feel as special as it once did – and we’ve also spent a small fortune on food! I have grown up in a household of NEVER going for meals and rarely ordering take-away – only as a special treat on Birthdays. I think this one will be hard to stick to but worth it in the end.

  • Go to a big city by myself

As someone who hardly ever steps out of their comfort zone, one of my goals is to go to a big city (I’m thinking London) by myself, because I mainly always rely on other people. However, I want to change this and find out what I’m capable of.

  • Max out my LISA allowance

I’m not doing too great at this one at the moment, as I still have a lot of money to put in my LISA before April but hopefully I’ll keep trying to stick at this one.

  • Read at least 1 book a month

This is one of my goals because basically, I want to tackle my Amazon book wishlist!

  • Have 10,000 followers across all social media networks

I currently have 4,441 Twitter followers, 3,236 Pinterest followers and 372 Instagram followers. If you want to help me out on this one, you’re very welcome to!

  • Have £1000 in an emergency fund

I’ve completed this goal a couple of times although something always comes up so it goes straight back out of my account again but his time I’d like to keep it there, and also keep building it up.

  • Get a house of my own

This year I’d like to move out. We are hopefully planning for the end of the year but I’ll let you know how that one goes as I know it’s not cheap!

So that’s just a few of my 2019 goals that I wanted to share with you. I’m optimistic it’s going to be a great year and I hope I’m going to achieve a lot! Please let me know your 2019 Goals and Resolutions in the comments or by tweeting me @BritOnABudget1

Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “Out With The Old And In With The New – My 2019 Goals & Resolutions

  1. My husband and I are the same when it comes to food (LOVE FOOD.) So far we’ve committed to bring lunch to work and it’s helped quite a lot. You’ve really set your self up with these amazing goals! Looking forward to see your success throughout the year!

    1. It’s a UK savings account! Basically you save for either a mortgage or pension (I think to you that’s a 401k!) and the government contributes towards it!

  2. Awesome goals, though as a curious girl from the US, what is a LISA? Going to the city by yourself can be fun but it can also be dangerous. I would probably go alone but meet up with someone once there. Then again, I spent two weeks in California by myself (I’m from Florida) and explored several areas and cities alone. Was it a good idea? Probably not. Was it fun? Yes!

    I tried to like your post but it’s being weird. I’ll have to revisit it tomorrow.

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