4 Things I Have Started To Appreciate Since Being In Quarantine

For some of us, these past few weeks in lockdown has been the hardest time of our lives. We aren’t able to see and hug loved ones, we can’t go about our daily routines like normal, and for some of us, we can’t even leave our homes to go to the shop because we’re too vulnerable.

As some of you may or may not know, I recently bought my first house and moved in with my partner around 4 weeks ago. This was in fact when lockdown was initiated, but just before the ban came into place around moving house. My boyfriend is a key worker, and I have been furloughed, therefore I am by myself all day every day until he comes home from work. As someone who has struggled with mental health in the past, it is important for me to have some socialisation, or even just keep myself in a good place. I have found that a few things keep my mental health up whilst I have been in lockdown and unable to see anyone, therefore I want to share these with you today in case some of you have struggled with the same issues

  • Make sure you do your daily exercise

One of the rules of lockdown is that you are allowed out for daily exercise. I have made sure to take advantage of this, and I get out on a walk, run, or bike ride to get myself out of the house. I find that it’s really nice to see other people, who are possibly in the same situation as me, and I can say hi to strangers which is something that I wouldn’t have done before all this happened.

  • Let some fresh air in

I appreciate that I live in the countryside, therefore we get lots of fresh air and sunshine where I live. One thing that helps me is to open the windows and doors to let fresh air in every day, as this makes me feel so much happier and refreshed. If you’re refurbishing your house while in lockdown, you can find cheap windows here.

  • Be productive

It’s important for me that I don’t just sit around all day and get nothing done. Even the simplest of tasks like doing some gardening will help your mental health. Maybe you have had something on your to-do list for ages but you just haven’t found the time to check it off the list? Now is the perfect time to get it done. I have really enjoyed cleaning whilst we haven’t been able to leave the house, and I always say having a cleaner house improves productivity!

  • Watch a film

If you find that maybe you do just want to use this time to relax and do nothing, you could stick on your favourite films and have a film marathon. My advice would be to make sure you use your time wisely and productively, but if it makes you happy and you’re keeping safe, do it!

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