4 Tips For A Cheaper London Staycation

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After the year you’ve had, nobody will begrudge you a holiday! Unfortunately, the usual trip to mainland Europe, or somewhere further afield, is off the cards. Thanks, Coronavirus. The good news is that the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t mean you must stay at home until the number of UK cases hits zero.

As many Britons are finding out, a staycation is a wonderful compromise because the United Kingdom has a lot to offer, and no place epitomises this fact more than London. The only problem with the capital is the price, yet even that’s not an issue if you follow these pointers!

Stay On The Fringes Of The City

London is a huge place, so it’s incredible how many tourists want to stay in Soho or Westminster as if they are the only destinations in the city! Whether it’s Kensington, Mayfair, or Chelsea, there are a plethora of locations that offer more bang for your buck. Yes, even the ones mentioned previously that are regarded as high-end. You’ll pay less for luxury apartments and hotels simply because they aren’t as central as other places in London. Remember that the farther out you’re willing to stay, the less you’ll pay for accommodation.

Travel In Zones 1 To 3

A smart response to staying on the fringes of Central London is that you’ll pay more for transport when you inevitably visit the sights. Although this makes sense, it’s not the case since there is a cap for buses and trains, and the London Underground, as long as you stay in zones 1 to 3. The amount is no more than £8.50, which is pretty good if you consider that the cost of a single journey is £4.90. If you plan on doing your staycation justice, you’ll take multiple journeys per day and save yourself a small fortune.

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Eat On The Go

Eating in London isn’t cheap compared to the rest of the country. Even the likes of Subway and McDonald’s seem to be less affordable! Of course, you don’t want to stuff your face with junk food all week because it’s unhealthy and gets boring. The good news is that you can eat-on-the-go for £3 to £5 a meal at the likes of Pret or Marks & Spencer’s. Okay, you won’t want to do it for every meal, but cutting back on your breakfast and lunch means you should have more to spend on a nice dinner.

Prepare An Emergency Fund

Visiting London is like renovating a house – no matter how much you plan on spending, you’ll spend more! Once you accept the fact, you can create an emergency fund that’ll offset your expenses. Yes, you’ll still fork out more than intended, yet you won’t do it on the fly. Paying for things without thinking about the overall cost is straightforward in London as it’s a cashless city. Therefore, you can lose track of your expenses. Setting up a safety net, and remembering to tally the costs at the end of each day, should keep your impulses in check!

What do you think? Is an affordable London staycation doable?

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