40 uses for Zoflora, tips, tricks and hacks

If you haven’t heard of Zoflora by now (have you been living under a rock?!) it’s been around for over a century and it’s extremely popular because of it’s many uses and it’s variety of scents. Ever since Mrs Hinch declared her love of Zoflora on Instagram, people have been going crazy for the stuff.

So what actually is Zoflora? Well it’s a disinfectant that can kill bacteria and make your entire home smell amazing! Whether you spray it, soak it or mop it, here are 40 uses for Zoflora.

1. Mop your floors

A little bit of Zoflora goes a long way, so just add one part disinfectant to 40 parts water in a mop bucket, and use it to clean hard flooring, including tiles and lino. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use it on polished wood, as it may damage the surface.

2. Clean surfaces

Another obvious way to use Zoflora is to clean your surfaces with it. You can use diluted Zoflora on nearly all hard surfaces, which includes kitchen sides, inside your fridge, tables and stands. Again just mix one part disinfectant to 40 parts water and use a cloth to wipe over your surface. You can also buy Zoflora Multipurpose Cleaner which is ready made for you to use.

3. Plug holes

By popping a capful of neat Zoflora down your sink plughole, you can get rid of smells and bacteria. You can really exaggerate the smell by chasing it with some boiling water.

4. Cleaning kitchen cupboard handles

By spraying some diluted Zoflora directly onto a cloth or your kitchen cupboard handles, you can clean away any bacteria or marks and leave them sparkling.

5. Cleaning your bin

If you have a stinky kitchen bin, you can simply soak some kitchen roll in some Zoflora and pop it at the bottom of your bin to keep your bin smelling fresh.

6. Killing bacteria on dishcloths

Kitchen dishcloths get put through their paces, so to disinfect them, put the sink plug in and add a kettle full of boiling water to your sink and one capful of Zoflora. Then throw in your kitchen cloths and leave overnight, when you wake up in the morning they will be as good as new!

7. Freshen up your washing machine

To refresh and clean your washing machine, simply pop a capful or two of Zoflora into the drum, run on a hot wash and let it work its magic!

8. Clean your dishwasher

There’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive products to clean your dishwasher, just put some Zoflora where your tablets would go and run the dishwasher on empty. It will leave your dishwasher smelling fresh and looking brand new again.

9. Microwave

Simply use diluted Zoflora in a spray bottle to clean the outside of your microwave and get rid of any smear marks or lingering smells.

10. Kettle

Spray diluted Zoflora onto a kitchen cloth and wipe the outside of your kettle. It will get rid of any bacteria and every time your kettle boils you will smell your favourite Zoflora scent!

11. Clean your child’s highchair

Your highchair is absolutely crawling with harmful bacteria, so by giving your child’s highchair a thorough wipe down with diluted Zoflora, it will keep the nasties at bay.

12. Sanitise remotes and electronic devices

Spray diluted Zoflora onto a dry cloth and clean your remotes. phones and tablets. Not only will this help to disinfect and eliminate bacteria but it will get rid of any smudges and marks on your devices.

13. Clean your car with Zoflora

Don’t take this tip too literally! By “cleaning your car” with Zoflora, I mean the dashboard, steering wheel, dashboard, buttons and handbrake. Just used diluted Zoflora on a dry cloth to wipe over bacteria hotspots in your car and leave it smelling gorgeous.

13. Refresh car fresheners

Sticking with the car theme, if you have a car air freshener that isn’t giving off any scent anymore, instead of buying a new one, just soak it in Zoflora and leave it to dry, then once you place it back in the car it will be as good as new!

14. Clean your toilet brush

To keep your loo brush smelling fresh, put some Zoflora in the bottom of the toilet brush holder to help disinfect it between uses.

15. Make your clothes smell amazing

Instead of using dryer sheets, add a few drops of Zoflora to a clean cloth and put into the tumble dryer with your clothes and dry as normal. Not only is it cheaper, but the smell will be stronger too!

16. Make your own reed diffuser

Use your favourite Zoflora scent in a small bottle with some wooden skewers to make your own reed diffuser.

17. Brighten up your windows

Zoflora is great for cleaning your windows and leaving them sparkling. Just use diluted Zoflora to wipe away any muck on your windows.

18. Clean your shower

You can soak your shower head in a bucket of hot water and a couple of capfuls of Zofora to clean any grime and kill bacteria.

19. Clean the toilet

Simply pour a capful of Zoflora down the toilet and flush as normal to disinfect the bowl and make your bathroom smell beautiful. You can use diluted Zoflora to clean the toilet seat.

19. Disinfect bath toys

If you have children who love playing with toys in the bath, but you’re not sure on what to use to clean them, soak the toys in some diluted Zoflora to make them hygienic and fresh again.

20. Use as a fabric refresher

Spray diluted Zoflora onto soft furnishings such as curtains, sofas and rugs to make them smell lovely and breezy, as well as to eliminate any bacteria hiding in them.

21. Use when hoovering

To make your hoover smell nice and especially the rooms you are hoovering, you can soak a small cotton ball with Zoflora on and let the hoover suck it up.

22. Use on radiators

Spray Zoflora onto your radiators and wipe them with a clean clean. When your heating comes on, it will fill the air with your favourite Zoflora scent.

23. Freshen up your sofa cushions

If you want to add a beautiful scent to your sofa, get some tumble dryer sheets, soak them in neat Zoflora and once dry, pop them into each one of your sofa cushion covers to fill the air with the scent every time you sit down.

24. Spray onto your welcome mat

If you want guests to smell a lovely scent when they walk into your home and give them a good first impression, spritz a little diluted Zoflora by the door onto your welcome mat and leave to dry.

25. Wipe down blinds

Pour a small amount of neat Zoflora onto a clean dry cloth and use it to wipe all of the slats onto your blinds.

26. Spray onto stinky shoes

Place a Zoflora soaked cloth into your shoes while you sleep and when you wake up you will have fresh smelling shoes. This is a perfect hack for parents who want an easy solution to their child’s stinky trainers.

27. Clean skirting boards

Cleaning your skirting boards with a lightly diluted solution will make the whole room smell lovely and kill any germs living on them.

28. Disinfect your mop heads

Fill up your kitchen sink with boiling water, and add a capful of Cranberry & Orange Zoflora. Chuck in your mop heads and let them soak for 30 minutes. Once soaked, squeeze out the excess water and hang to air dry for lovely refreshed mop heads.

29. Clean light switches

Light switches get used every day, so to kill any germs that are lingering on the surface, spray a clean dry cloth with diluted Zoflora and wipe over.

30. Clean your lightbulbs

A lot of people forget about cleaning their lightbulbs, however as dust collects on lightbulbs, it affect the light they emit. This is especially bad in kitchens, as that dust becomes grime, which once the light bulb warms up it emits a smell. If you use a diluted Zoflora and a cloth, once you turn the lights back on you will be able to get a hint of the scent too.

31. Spray onto fake flowers

You can bring fake flowers to life by spritzing with your fave Zoflora scent to leave them smelling lovely for ages.

32. Spray onto your mattress

Spray diluted Zoflora onto your mattress and leave to dry to not only refresh it but make it smell amazing.

33. Disinfect the potty

Keep your toddler’s potty clean and fresh with regular disinfecting by using diluted Zoflora.

34. Clean your suitcases

If you have an old and musty suitcase that you want to refresh, simply spray Zoflora onto a cloth and wipe around the inside of your suitcase. Leave to dry and then pack your clothes to make everything smell pleasant.

35. Office desk

Your desk is a prime hotspot for germs to breed. Spray the whole surface with diluted Zoflora and wipe down. However, please note that Zoflora is not suitable for use on polished wood.

36. Outdoor furniture and play equipment

For outdoor dining and play equipment, wipe down with diluted Zoflora and dry clean cloth.

37. Use on your wheelie bins

Pour a bucket of diluted Midnight Blooms Zoflora into your wheelie bin, making sure to pour the solution on the sides on the bin. You can wipe the inside of the bin with a long handled mop, and then wipe outside, the lid and the handles with a cloth soaked in diluted Zoflora to leave your wheelie bin sparkling and banish any odours.

38. Use on pet beds

You can spray the pet friendly Zoflora diluted with water onto your pet beds to disinfect them. Make sure the area dries fully before your pet returns to the area.

39. Spray onto potpourri

You can add some neat Zoflora onto the potpourri that has lost its scent to refresh it and save yourself some money.

40. Clean pet toys

You should soak plastic pet toys in a bucket of diluted Zoflora. Make sure to rinse and leave to dry before giving to your pet. Avoid soaking toys that have small holes in as these are likely to fill with water and are harder to let fully dry. For these toys, you should wipe the surface with diluted Zoflora.

Top Zoflora tips, tricks and hacks

  • Never use Zoflora (even if diluted) on polished wood
  • When spraying on soft furnishings, you should always spray on somewhere discrete first, as it may make the colours run
  • Zoflora will last around 2 weeks once diluted
  • Zoflora has a huge variety scents with many different fragrances, so there are scents that everyone will love
  • Zoflora is highly flammable so be careful when using
  • Never put Zoflora in a steam cleaner or steam mop

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