5 Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Your Property Value

There are many ways to add value to your home, but you’ve got to tick the right boxes to make sure you are adding the right value without being too out of pocket. 

Garden Office

Due to the recent pandemic, our outdoor spaces have become close to a sanctuary, considering the fact that many of us have started working from home since then. An addition of a garden office can be a big selling point. Working from home isn’t always easy, so creating a productive work space makes a lot of sense. In addition to the office, adding a new lawn around the building will create a more comforting environment. To save on costs and upkeep, an artificial lawn can be the way to go.

Bathroom Updates

A bright and hygienic looking bathroom with a touch of luxury makes for the best of bathrooms and it can be done within a few simple steps of adding a mirror, replacing old tiles, cleaning up mould and ensuring you have a good working shower or bath. 

Loft Conversion

If in doubt, start by adding another bedroom to the house. An easy way to do this is by doing a loft conversion. It adds light, character and a whole new space to work with. The number of bedrooms in a property tends to have a large impact on the value of the house so this is definitely one to keep in mind.


Changing up the heating system in the home is also a good place to focus on to increase value. Most homes have run down or outdated fittings and replacing this can have a further impact on energy efficiency too. By sealing areas that let in drafts to double glazed windows, you’ll find that money will be saved quite quickly.

Bifold doors

A key point in having a house that is highly valued is ensuring it has wow factors to it. Bifold doors do that very easily. The attraction of having lots of light entering the home on top of the indoor-outdoor feel in the summer can be a big factor for buyers. 

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