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50 Frugal Ideas To Keep The Kids Busy This Summer

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50 Frugal Ideas To Keep The Kids Busy This Summer


Summer is on its way and as are the summer holidays…but before you start to panic about how you’re going to keep the kids entertained, I have put together a list of frugal and fun ideas so you don’t need to spend a fortune this summer. Here goes…

1. Bird/butterfly watch

2. Go camping

3. Enjoy a picnic

4. Have a bbq

5. Go fishing

6. Fly a kite

7. Gardening

8. Go to the playground

9. Go for a walk

10. Make a pinata

11. Create your own sports day

12. Create a scavenger hunt

13. Read a book

14. Rollerskate

15. Go to free museums

16. Play board games

17. Have a nerf gun war

18. Build a fort in the living room

19. Do a puzzle

20. Create a message in a bottle and send it out to sea

21. Paint a portrait

22. Make play-doh sculptures

23. Go to the seaside

24. Tidy and sort out their bedroom

25. Go swimming

26. Go to the library

27. Have a garage sale

28. Go strawberry picking

29. Bake together


30. Toast marshmallows

31. Make a time capsule

32. Play hide and seek

33. Visit a local farm

34. Make homemade pizza

35. Grow sunflowers

36. Feed the ducks

37. Wash the car

38. Make a scrapbook with family photos

39. Watch Netflix

40. Go for a bike ride

41. Go on a dog walk

42. Make a wind chime

43. Fold origami

44. Visit the zoo


45. Finger paint

46. Have a dance party

47. Set up a pool in the back garden

48. Make homemade ice cream

49. Have a tea party

50. Visit a garden centre



  1. dayceemay2018 July 17, 2018

    These are great and we’ve done quite a bit of these already. Just a quick note, your numbering is slightly off, rather than straight 1 to 50, it’s broken in segments. Or do my eyes deceive me? No biggie.

    1. britonabudget July 17, 2018

      Thank you, you definitely have an idea for detail…I didn’t realise!!


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