6 Reasons To Do An Internship Abroad

If you are considering applying for internships, the possibility of interning abroad may not be something that you immediately think of. However, immersing yourself in the language, culture and traditions of a city abroad can not only boost your career prospects but it will also open your eyes to the world that is out there.

Regardless of your grades or degree, most companies prefer to hire applicants with previous experience in the field, and with the competitive state of today’s job market, there are many benefits of internships, especially one abroad. In this post, we will be discussing just a few of those benefits.

Learn a new language

Speaking more than one language is an extremely desirable skill, and as more and more companies are now operating internationally, it will definitely benefit you to be bilingual. An International internship is a great way to immerse yourself, whether you are a complete beginner or know some of the language.

It gets you outside your comfort zone

When you complete an internship domestically, your experience in the workplace can pass as regular working hours, so once your work day ends your life continues with the same routine you have followed for years. Once you decide to intern internationally and you are exposed to new languages, cultures and points of view, it can open your eyes to the various problems that companies around the world sometimes have. Interning abroad is an exciting new adventure and it is an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Builds an international network

You may have already heard the phrase ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ and interning abroad can definitely help you to make new contacts and a new network of like-minded peers, mentors and professors that you can reach out to for years to come.

You will become an applicant that stands out from the crowd

While interning abroad can provide developmental rewards, it can generally help you in obtaining a job in the future in the field of your choice. Employers generally tend to look for experience that stands out, and once future employers see your CV, complete with an internship abroad, they will immediately highlight you as a unique candidate. Your international internship will demonstrate that you are passionate, driven and not afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Helps you to gain excellent references

Once you begin searching for a full-time position, most employers will ask for references from previous job roles and education establishments. They are looking to see that someone else vouches for your abilities and would recommend you. Developing references is a crucial part of any internship, so it is important to keep in mind that every professional experience is an opportunity for a great reference in the future.

You can travel to new places

This is probably the most obvious benefit of an internship abroad, however the world is yours to choose from. There are lots of opportunities to do internships internationally, including Finance Internships Tokyo. Tokyo has been considered a global financial capital for many years, and it sits at the heart of the third largest economy in the world. It is home to the Tokyo Stock Exchange as well as the country’s top banks and corporations. This means that international finance internships in Tokyo are a unique chance to develop an understand of Japanese business culture.

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