6 Ways to Celebrate On A Budget

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the whole of the UK is ready for the end of lockdown restrictions, and getting back some sense of normalcy is high on everyone’s priority along with remaining covid safe.

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But no restrictions have eased somewhat, and there appears to be an end in sight, celebrations, weddings, parties, christenings and more can all be rearranged to help you celebrate those big life events with your nearest and dearest.

But with people’s finances stretched thanks to the pandemic, party planning on a budget has never been easier. More and more people see the value in alternative ways to host a party without splashing out on the small details.

So how can you plan your event without spending too much money?

Create A Budget

Easy, right? Many people allow for a budget but then plans spiral over this, and before they know it, the party has become increasingly expensive and more elaborate than they intended.

Sit down and be honest about what you can afford and which aspects of the party deserve more of your budget than others. Then, identify areas you can save money and what you can reasonably do to reduce costs.

Slim Down the Guest List

Choosing smaller venues, having a limited food budget and choosing a midweek time slot can be effective ways to force you to reduce your guest list if you cannot afford a big lavish party. They are also great ways to trim down your budget. Try to look at exactly who you want at the party critically to allow you to invite those only who would appreciate the invite, and you feel you can’t celebrate without.


What can you make yourself to help you reduce costs, and how much can you expect to save? Things such as sending invites to save the date for a wedding or engagement party first before you look at invitation printing for those who are able to attend. This can save you money on printing full invitations for attendees based on who replies to your initial invite to save the date.

Next, look at your decorations. Shopping around at local high street budget chain stores such as B&M and Home Bargains can help you find beautiful decorations for less so you can decorate your event without having to hire people to do it for you. This can be applied to table decorations, balloons and more. Or can you use anything you already have

Download free printables to help develop fun themes for children’s birthday parties or celebrations based on their favourite things.

Have A Party At Home

Or even a relative’s house. Don’t spend out on all locations that can be costly, instead keep it small and intimate by hosting the event at your own home. You can then slim down your guest list to make sure the house doesn’t get too full, plus you can use features on your own to create the perfect atmosphere in a low budget way, allowing you to spend more on the things that matter.

Call In Favours

Do you know people who have transferable skills you can ask to help you? Trade skills or call in favours or ask for this in place of gifts if applicable. By asking loved ones to assist you in the planning and setting up the party, you can cut costs even more. Do you have a family member who owns a restaurant to help you supply food for your party or get your discounts on party food? Maybe a teenage family member can cultivate a playlist ideal for the event, or someone can help you out with photography or video skills.

Many people can find this allows them to reduce the budget by swapping skills and helping out others in their circles who need their assistance without the financial outlay. 

Avoid Meal Times

If you host your party around mealtimes, you can expect to need a lot more food to replace people’s typical meals. Hosting your event in the afternoon, for example, 3 pm, many people will have eaten lunch and graze on food instead of needing a big meal. The same goes for evening parties. Avoid 5 pm start times and instead leave it to around 7 pm to allow you to cater for smaller appetites.

Budget-friendly parties needn’t lack anything. A more expensive, lavish event would. Instead, you need to focus on the more important things and deserve more of the money you can afford to spend. Putting in a little more effort to make it personal and cost-effective can add that extra special personal touch to really make it a great party.

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