Advice When Renting For The First Time

Renting is something that most of us will do in our lives and if you have the luxury of buying your property instead, then kudos to you! When renting there’s a lot of experience that you should look towards, especially if this is your first time stepping onto the rental market. With that being said, here’s some helpful advice when renting for the first time.

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Communicate Regularly With Your Landlord

Your landlord isn’t this scary individual that you should be afraid of. They’re responsible for providing a habitable home and something that is safe for you to live in. That being said, if something goes wrong, whether it’s a broken toilet or a pest problem, it’s up to your landlord to deal with it as soon as possible. They’re only going to be aware that something is wrong if you tell them directly. It’s good to have a good line of communication with your landlord, even if the estate agent is playing middle-man between the two of you. It’s helpful to have a positive relationship with the landlord so that you feel comfortable and confident going to them with any concerns or problems that might need sorting. You may not own the property, but you’re paying towards it, and so you should be able to live in comfort! Keep up with them over email or via phone on a regular basis just to let them know how the property is going for you. 

Take Note Of The Inventory

Inventory is something that’s important to do when you’ve moved into a property. It’s something that will have been organized and done by the estate agent or landlord, depending on whether you do it through the professional way or in a private manner. Take note of the inventory and check that nothing has been changed from what’s currently around on the day that you first move in. It’s important to acknowledge those changes, letting the estate agent/landlord know. That way, you have documented evidence that this isn’t something you should be charged for when moving out.

Know Your Rights

It’s important that you know your rights as a tenant so that you’re not taken advantage of when it comes to renting. There are mostly good landlords out there, but you’ll certainly run in the occasional bad egg who may try and do everything they can to make your experience a living nightmare. Be sure to know your rights and that you have done your research to make sure that if you ever have the unfortunate position to deal with them, you have all the ammo and knowledge you need to be treated correctly.

Ask Before You Change Anything Or Put Anything Up

When you’re renting, there are a lot of landlords who won’t want you to change anything about the property. This might also including putting up picture frames or painting a wall. Make sure that you ask before doing it in order to get their consent. Otherwise, it can end up being a breach in the contract and one that might result in you losing your deposit.

Use these tips to ensure you’re not stung when it comes to renting.

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