Aura Print Business Cards Review

Networking is the key to building your business and getting its name out there, and a huge part of this is handing out business cards to people so that they can see your details and get in touch.

So when Aura Print reached out to me and offers to send me some of their business cards to review, I jumped at the opportunity.

For those who don’t already know, I have recently started up a wax melt business and one of the biggest struggles in the business that I have had to overcome is finding the perfect business card to fit in with my packaging and that looks the part.

I selected the foil metallic print business cards and after telling the team at Aura Print what I would like on the cards and how I’d like them to look, they arrived in the post soon after. When I unboxed the cards I was very impressed with the presentation and I could see that lots of care had not only gone into making the business cards but packaging them up safely too.

The cards are thick and luxurious, and I went for the rose gold effect as this suits the theme of my packaging.

These business cards look very expensive, and they definitely stand out with their colour and quality. The thickness of business cards is very important to me as a thicker business card is less likely to get damaged and comes across as a better quality compared to thinner business cards.

Aura Print also offer recycled business cards, which is great if you are very conscious about doing your bit for the planet.

Since starting out in 2007, Aura Print have gone from being a one man operation to now having a dedicated team of nearly twenty experienced print professionals, who specialise in things such as foil printing, wide format print or precision trimming.

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