Awesome Ways to Make Money if You Have a Van

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If you are someone who, for whatever reason, needs to make a little extra money, and you happen to own a van, then you have endless opportunities to bring in some much-needed additional income.

Having a van gives you so many options for making money that we cannot hope to discuss them all in this brief post, but below you will find some of the simplest means of leveraging your vehicle to bring in more money right now:


If you own a van, you are in an excellent position to offer your service as a delivery driver. You could do this by signing up with a company like Amazon or Deliveroo, or you could simply offer to pick and up and move things for people in your local area by posting an ad on Facebook. It is a good idea to have your own insurance for this, and most of the ideas on this list just to ensure you are covered if everything goes wrong, but people are always looking for men and women with vans who can move and deliver stiff for them, so you should be able to more than cover the cost of insurance in no time at all.

House clearances

If you are not afraid of doing a bit of heavy lifting, then offering to clear houses, or even businesses, which is something this office furniture clearances specialist does, can net you a decent sum of money. It will be hard work as you will need to move and lift a lot of things, and then you will need to think about taking them to car boots and auctions to resell them, but if you have the time and the inclination, you could make hundreds, even thousands of pounds from a single house clearance depending on the quality of the good contained within.

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Dog walking

If you own a van, then you could also advertise yourself as a dog walker. You can use your van to pick up dogs and then take them for a long walk in the neighbourhood. Dog walking services are becoming more sought after than ever after the pandemic because many more people bought dogs during lockdown and now that they are back in the office, they need some extra care and attention, so depending on the area, this could be quite lucrative.

Rent it

Of course, if you own a van and you are not using it, you could rent it out to someone else who needs it for their business, this is a great way to make some extra passive income if you can spare your van for several hours each week.

As you can see, if you are lucky enough to have a van, you can really make it work for you in so many ways that it should never be too difficult for you to start earning a bit of extra cash to pay down debts or save for a holiday or whatever. So, what are you waiting for?

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