Best Sex Toys Gift Guide

The world of sex toys can be very daunting, especially if it’s something that you’re new to. Whether you are buying a toy for yourself or for someone special, this gift guide will give you some new ideas to get creative.

There are many different types of sex toys, so whether you are looking for sex toys to enhance your sex life, or expand your horizons, there is something for everyone.


Vibrators come in a huge array of different shapes and sizes to accommodate to everyone and anyone. They vary from phallic shapes, to rabbits, bullets, wands, curved stimulators and even remote and app controlled. They are designed to give a mix of all types of stimulation.

Vibrators can be enjoyed by men or women, and are primarily designed for insertion as well as offering a range of other sensations. They are one of the most popular sex toys, as they are easy to use and suitable for everyone.


Dildos are insertable sex toys that are perfect for people who like a bit of realism during their play. Like vibrators, they are available in many different colours, shapes and sizes, however they are used for penetration pleasure more than anything else.

The wide range of realistic dildos, including many in different lengths and widths, are great for both solo female or male play, and they are also great for couples too.

Butt plugs

When you think of anal toys, a butt plug is usually the first toy that springs to mind. Butt plugs can be vibrating, and they usually start small and graduate in size. Most are conical shaped, and they usually have a slimmer rod at the bottom and a flared base for safety.

Butt plugs can intensify the sensation of an orgasm, as the pelvic muscles contract during sex. They can also be used to gently stretch the anus before using something bigger, whilst stimulating the sensitive internal and external nerve endings.

Anal beads

Similar to butt plugs, anal beads are a great way for beginners to explore anal sex. They usually consist of a string of smooth plastic, metal or glass beads which are fused together by flexible material. The first few beads typically start off small but slowly increase in size, which allows you to explore and enjoy more.

They are ideal for beginners who wish to experiment and experience anal play, but they can also be used alone for unique anal stimulation or during intercourse.

Cock rings

A cock ring (also known as a ‘love ring’ or a ‘penis ring’ is a stretchy ring that prevents blood from flowing back down the penis. they are for men who want longer and harder erections, and for couples who are looking for increased pleasure for both parties during sex. They are easy to wear and should be used with lube, and you can feel the benefits almost immediately.

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