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Breaking The Curse Of Valueless Content

Image by Kelly Sikkema: CCO Licence

Content is key to business in so many ways at the moment, but you don’t need us to tell you that. With customer consumption largely moving online last year, even big businesses have realised just how far decent content can take them. 

Of course, to some extent, good content doesn’t focus on sales. Rather, a winning piece is written for the joy of it, but let’s be honest – nothing in business comes free. Ultimately, everything you put out there is tailored towards making money. 

This is especially so considering that, as well as writing those articles/creating those posts, you likely spend out of pocket on things like merchandise, supplies, and shipping options like those you’ll find if you click here. You could say, then, that it’s fundamental for content to create sales.

Luckily, reliable content done well will invariably do just that. But, if you’re in a spiral of no-sale creation, it’s time to break the curse by asking the following crucial questions. 

#1 – Can people find you?

Image by Nick Shandra: CC0 Licence

Content is flooding the internet right now meaning that, most often, content that fails to produce sales is swamped out of the market. If your efforts don’t seem to be reaping benefits, consider your visibility. SEO is, of course, fundamental here, but remember – every company and their mother knows that. As such, you not only need to increase search visibility, but also to enhance features like mailing lists and personal connections that keep customers coming back to you, and your content time and again. 

#2 – Are you providing a sales incentive?

A lack of sales incentive is another significant setback. A nice article that tells a decent story simply isn’t enough to secure a deal. Rather, you need to create content that not only calls customers to action, but also pushes them towards completing a sale. Researching CTAs can, obviously, help here, but just like SEO, that’s no longer enough. Rather, in this age of supporting the heart of small businesses, many companies are finding that sellable content is all about building a personal brand. As such, content always needs to be a character-filled affair, with puns, personal quips, and a bubbly tone undeniably pushing people towards sales far more often than a typical ‘buy this product’ plea.

#3 – Is your content worth their money?

We live in an age where effort very much equates value. As such, a content creator who puts one lazily edited, shoddily thought blog post out every month will typically struggle to reach their sales quota. By comparison, content written weekly with pristine editing and plenty of research is sure to do better. Not only will this help with visibility, but you may also find that customers are more willing to give you their money because you gave them your time. 
Content, like everything else, is changing. Even if you’ve managed to make money with your efforts before, it’s therefore worth asking these questions to improve your game for 2021 and beyond.

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