Budget Branding: 3 Tips To Elevate Your Image

Image is everything in business. It’s what customers will first see and evaluate, as well as remember the next time they think of a product they want to buy and when your name crops up again. Therefore, it should be deemed highly important to make sure you have a clear and concise branding strategy. But so many small business owners always misinterpret what branding actually is. It’s not about fancy images and carefully-crafted slogans. It’s actually much deeper than that! Your brand has to have a central narrative and story which encompasses all your values and traditions as a business. But it costs a lot to have an excellent brand awareness campaign. If you’re on a budget, this is what you should mainly focus on.

Social media campaigns

Social media is an excellent route to take for building awareness of your brand. The key is to start an original hashtag. This needs to be thought through very carefully. You need something which is going to be simple to use and therefore remember, speak to your brand image and be able to be used in more than just one campaign. 

Choose the right kind of social media platform. If you rely on visual representation to get your image across, such as being a clothing brand, then utilize Instagram. If you are trying to get ahead of a message, such as mental health services, then Twitter allows for a broader and broader statement to be made.

Ask a guide

Sometimes you just don’t know how to portray yourself. Just like you want to impress on a first date but maybe you’re unsure of how to present yourself. That’s why asking a guide such as a reputable Creative Agency that does branding campaigns is a great idea. They will teach you the basics, run you through the structure, and develop your unique image together. Speak with their experts and they will tell you that having values expressed is the main concern. You need to show customers what you believe in, why, and what you’re doing about such beliefs. Values must translate into action. If you’re helping elderly people with products like stairlifts and necklace alarms, speak about why you got into the industry. How do you develop your products? You speak to older folks and take their concerns seriously, etc.

Social lightning rods

The use of influencers has not slowed down in 2020. You can expect this strategy to continue as more and more businesses want social lighting rods i.e. influencers, to present their products to customers. The key is to just ‘present’ and not ‘promote’. Why? Well, the integrity of the influencer is what makes them powerful and their fans will leave them if they are too salesy or pushy. They have a large audience and they want to be entertained and informed. Ask the influencer to do an honest review or keep it neutral. 

Branding is a very complex task for any business. The more practice you have of it you will become better and more refined in your approach. These 3 tips are great for an entrepreneur on a tight budget.

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