Budget-Friendly Ways To Add Space To A Small Home

Certain telltale signs can indicate that your home is becoming smaller. For instance, you know it’s time to upgrade when your living space becomes more cramped and cluttered. Likewise, a growing family can also be a reason to maximise space. While it is ideal, many people may not be ready to move to a bigger home. Adding space to your existing home can be the most practical alternative if you fall into this category. And you don’t have to strain your finances to achieve this. Here are some budget-friendly ways to achieve the desired outcome. 

  1. Invest in an enclosed patio 

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An enclosed patio is a great way to extend your home while avoiding time-consuming renovations. You can easily convert it into a living room extension, dining area, outdoor kitchen, or whatever you like. Moreover, you can spend more time outdoors without worrying about being disturbed by the weather. This means you can utilise your patio in any season. Better, you can get a pleasant space without spending a fortune. Did you also know that an enclosed patio is energy-efficient? Indeed, it shades your home from the sun’s rays, reducing heat and preventing your cooling system from overworking and expending energy. 

Seeing these advantages, you want to invest in an enclosed patio if you haven’t already. Several options are available, and you can choose the most suitable one. For instance, outdoor curtains can withstand harsh weather and come in various colours and patterns. They are also inexpensive, so keep this in mind. Glass panels, screens, shades, and storm doors are great alternatives. 

  1. Complete your basement 

Your basement is a space with many potentials. For example, you can convert it into an extra bedroom, home office, lounging area, or personal workout area. And if your bathroom is cramped, you can move your washing machine and other laundry items into your basement. However, leveraging an unfinished basement may not be ideal, making it essential to complete the project. Since you’re working with a budget, consider fixing a small portion over a period to prevent excessive costs. This can also help you create spontaneous design ideas to brighten this space, so feel free to consider this. You should conduct a thorough inspection for signs of leakage and paint the space yourself. Here are other helpful tips to transform your basement into a livable space without harming your finances. 

  1. Consider a bump-out 

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Bump-outs are often smaller than a full room addition and are very cost-effective. They are usually 15 feet from your home’s main structure and are supported by cantilevers or support posts. It’s also worth noting that bump-outs don’t require their distinct heating and cooling system due to their size. They often extend almost any part of the home, including the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and so on. They can also be a bedroom, storage space, or dining area. Despite their smaller sizes, they are still home additions requiring the necessary building permits. You can also opt for a refurbishment bridging loan to finance the project if you are low on funds.

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