Budget Home Office Ideas

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Even if the pandemic lifts this year many of us will still be in home-based jobs for the foreseeable, but that’s a problem if you don’t have a home office to work from. To operate professionally in any role you need a comfortable and reliable space with a window for inspiration and excellent connectivity. In the article below, we tell you how to build a home office with a shoestring budget. 

Find a Space 

One of the first things you will need for a home office is space – not easy to come by if that is what you’re short on – but that’s a challenge, not an obstacle. Frankly, you need a place to work that’s reliable and suitable so put on your thinking hat and get creative.

Even if you live in a small one-bedroom flat and there are two or three of you, there are still ways to make space for a home office. For example, you could buy a dressing screen online and corner parts of the living room or bedroom. 

Do it Yourself 

You might want to build a home office that lasts – after all the pandemic is long from over and your job is probably work-from-home now anyway. There’s a tendency to want to invest some money, but hold off if you can. 

Getting a professional painter in to paint the walls is probably unnecessary – this is something you can easily do yourself in an afternoon. Buying furniture is another example, we’ll look at next.  

Upcycle Furniture 

A home office needs a desk, a chair, a cabinet, and maybe a second chair depending on what space you have. These are the basics for a home office but again you don’t have to head to IKEA and buy brand new flat packed items. 

Chances are you have everything you need in your home already. You can upcycle all kinds of furniture for a desk, such as a dresser or a set of drawers; use other tips for working from home to create more space in your home for an office or a studio. 

Find Bargains 

It’s good news if you have a little bit of money to spend, but there’s still no need to overdo it, shop at local charity stores and online to find bargains and save some money to reinvest in the project. 

If you search online you should be able to locate a charity shop that has some excellent pieces perfect for a home office. Although they are a little dated now, a bureau makes the ideal space-saving office desk. 

Trade Locally

If you’re in the unenviable position of not having money to invest and not having any furniture either you might want to trade things locally. Look at what you do have and whether you could swap it for a desk or chair. 

Check the internet. You can trade things through Facebook, eBay, or other sites like Gumtree or Craigslist depending on where you live – just remember to trade for items of equal value.

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