Buying A New Home? Here’s How Your Insurance Agent Can Save You Money

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Buying a home is an exciting step but can also be demanding. According to research, about 11 million people in Britain may be looking to buy a home in 2023. However, the home-buying process can be quite complex as it involves many steps, such as finding a house, making an offer, getting financing, negotiating closing costs, and so on. Insurance agents can be a valuable asset during home-buying, as they can help protect your property and save money. Here are four ways your insurance agent can help.

  1. Insurance agents are local experts 

Insurance agents can be considered local experts when buying a home. They can provide valuable advice on the types of policies and what coverage will work best for you. These agents also give information on homeowners’ insurance policies and quotes and can also explain the policy terms and any exclusions or limitations that may apply. Additionally, they can act as the perfect mortgage broker and help negotiate while providing additional insight into local housing trends and prices.

  1. Explain the different types of coverages and their associated costs

When purchasing a property, you need to explore more than basic coverage to guarantee protection in an emergency. Your independent insurance agent can explain the benefits of having extra-value coverages, including guaranteed water backup, replacement cost, service line, and debris disposal. Your insurance agent may also discuss the distinction between the market rate and the cost of property maintenance and why it’s critical to insure it for the complete replacement cost.

  1. Examine your house inspection 

A home inspection is an essential component of the home-buying journey. Understanding what needs to be replaced will assist you in making key budgetary decisions and determining what type of house insurance or guarantees you should pursue. Before making an offer, a certified home inspector should check the property. Once your preferred property has been examined, you should share the findings with your insurance agent. Your insurance agent has the knowledge and expertise to point out any red flags that may affect insurance costs, like the age of the roofing, the electrical wiring, foundation cracks, mildew or leaks, and rodent damage.

  1. Review past claims

Reviewing past claims can be a helpful way to better understand how to navigate the home-buying process. Previous owners’ insurance claims, for instance, might influence your house insurance prices, which is a key factor to consider when negotiating the property price. Your independent insurance representative may use the complete loss underwriting exchange to obtain this information. If there have been multiple claims on the home, insurance companies may be afraid that the residence may have long-term difficulties, leading to higher premiums. It is critical to pay close attention to any water or flood damage claims that have been made.

It is crucial to do your research and be prepared before starting the process to make sure you are making the right decisions. The above are a few compelling reasons to work with an insurance agent who can help guide you through the process.

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