Can’t Afford a New Car? Use These Tricks Below

In case you are fed up with your old car letting you down all the time but can’t afford to replace it, it might be time to start thinking outside of the box. From improving your comfort behind the wheel to making sure that your car looks its best when you are meeting clients and is as reliable as possible, there are several ways you can overcome the car blues without splashing out on new wheels. Below you will find a few tips.

Give It a Service

Sometimes the reason your old car is letting you down is that it just needs a bit of TLC. What was  the last time you got the oil changed and checked? Not to mention the condition of the batteries. You need to make sure that they are up for the challenge of winter driving, or you will end up breaking down every time you are taking shorter journeys in the dark. It might be a good idea to start comparing Mercedes-Benz Servicing packages and get a full service your car deserves.

Aftermarket Upgrades

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You can get the latest gadgets installed in your car, even if you are only willing to spend a couple of hundred pounds. From a backup camera to heated seats and sat nav, there are plenty of ways you can feel more supported and safer behind the wheel. You can even replace your old radio and CD player with a DAB radio and MP3 connectivity device, so you can listen to your favorite music and channels while fighting traffic.

Part Exchange

It might also be a good idea to get your car’s condition up to standard and see if you can upgrade without having to pay too much extra. You will need to visit several dealers and find out what other makes and models have to offer. You might not get a car that is brand new, but you will be able to benefit from additional features and a lower mileage.

Hire One for Business Meetings

If you are currently in the financial rut and would like to keep up the appearances, you can’t meet clients driving and old motor. You might be able to borrow your friend’s wheels for a while or take a taxi. Alternatively, you can hire a car for the days you are meeting customers, so you are not giving out the wrong impression about your business.

Make It Look Brand New


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Of course, you can also make your car look better by giving it a body upgrade, spoilers, and alloy wheels. Take care of the bodywork and apply protective wax, so the paintwork shines as if it was just finished. Polish your headlights with special treatment paste or even toothpaste, and your car can look years younger for a couple of pounds.


There are plenty of reasons people don’t change their car on time. In most cases, money is the only obstacle. If you don’t want to get into debt and pay for a new car, use these tricks to make your old one serve you better for longer.



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