Computer Skills That Everyone Needs To Learn



When it comes to technology, every single day there are amazing inventions and developments which are changing the way we live our lives and the very landscape which we call our society. Computers are at the centre of our technology in this day and age and everyone needs to have a basic set of skills in order to deal with them and use them to their full potential. Today we are going to talk about the most basic skills which everyone needs to have when dealing with computers and how these skills can help you be a success in your business life.

How to email

Email is the form of communication which is most commonly used when working in a digital setting and it is a key skill which we need to understand in order to make our way in the digital age. Emailing requires an application for your computer and you can use either outlook, mail, or googlemail too if you like. All you need to do is set up an email address and you will instantly be open to a whole new world of communication.

Using excel

Microsoft has many different programs which you likely have been using all the way through school and college for your assignments, and one of the most important of all of those is excel. Excel is a tool which allows you to make spreadsheets to record data and analyse it in a number of ways. Excel really is easier to learn with a real life teacher. **Training Connection** provide a supportive learning environment which could provide better results. It is definitely a skill you should take the time to learn because it can make life using a computer much easier for you.

Create word documents

Microsoft word is the epitome of computer technology and it is the one application pretty much everyone around the world has used at one point or another in their lifetime. To make the most of word make sure you utilise features such as the thesaurus, spell checker and grammar checker to ensure that your content is always top notch.

Use the Internet

Ahh, the internet. Of course if you are below 30-40 you will have no issues using the internet and everything within it, but for the older folk out there the internet can be a weird concept and it might take a little getting used to. To access the internet on your computer you need a browser: you may be familiar with ones like internet explorer, safari and chrome. You can use this browser to get onto the internet and search for websites and content all over the world. It’s like having a library at your fingertips.

Perform troubleshooting

Don’t we all dread that dinosaur who pops up on our PC when the connection to WiFi is down? When we lose connection to the WiFi we often go into a little bit of a panic, but there really isn’t any need. With a quick search in your control panel you can see whether you are connected to the WiFi or not, and if not, try to connect. If the WiFi isn’t working at all- turn it off and on again. You will get used to going through a small circuit of tasks on your computer and it will eventually become normal.


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