Content Marketing 101

Content marketing encompasses all content created and distributed online to attract viewers, turn prospects into customers, and turn customers into repeat buyers. The content is closely related to the products or services you sell.


This strategy is effective because it engages with a clear target audience. It increases people’s trust in your company and it heightens your recognition through moving your website up search engine rankings.



No quality, no success


It is important to first establish how pivotal quality content is. Gone are the days when you could post poor or duplicated keyword-intensive content. Quality is everything.


No matter whether you write your own content or hire a company, you need informative, enjoyable and engaging content. There must be a purpose behind every piece and it must be written to perfection. You can also look at the top 5 CMS platforms to help you manage your content effectively. This will help you with distribution and posting schedules.


This is true no matter what marketing strategy you implement. SEO, inbound marketing, and PR are all popular examples of marketing and require quality content to be effective…


  • SEO – Search engines rank websites higher if the content is consistently of a good quality. This is even more so the case now more Google updates have been introduced.
  • Inbound marketing – Good content holds the key to driving inbound traffic to your website.
  • PR – For this to be effective it must deal with issues the reader cares about. As said; the content must have a purpose.


Now that’s been cleared up, let’s delve into the reasons why content marketing is the must-have advertising strategy at present…


Non-interruption marketing


If most people were to sum up interruption marketing in one word it would likely be… annoying! Content marketing is the opposite of this. Products aren’t repeatedly forced on you. Instead, content provides a channel for communicating with your customers without selling. This is why it’s more effective than e-mail spamming, direct mailing, print advertising, telemarketing, and TV/radio advertisements.


You aren’t continuously pitching your products, instead, you are providing information. This is designed to empower the buyer through enhancing their knowledge. It generates a bond between the company and the customer. If the business keeps presenting interesting and valuable information to customers then, in turn, they will continue to buy from them.


Build brand awareness


The way people view your business is everything. Every decision made needs to be done with brand identity in mind. It is not enough for people to just have heard of your company, they need to have a strong image of who you are. Lack of brand awareness means that people will not be able to relate to your business


Content helps companies to build brand awareness through engaging with the audience. This further highlights why quality and relevancy are both so important. Every single piece of content published is going to be a reflection on your business. If you can ensure all content published matches in with your brand and what you sell, then you will improve brand awareness and image dramatically. More and more people will associate with your company, ensuring you become a force to be reckoned with.


Search engines love quality content


An SEO campaign isn’t complete without quality content. And success is very rarely achieved without being on the top search engine result pages of Google and other popular search websites.


The good news is there is a way around this, and that’s with content marketing. With quality SEO content in place, you will start climbing the search engine results pages quicker than expected. Thanks to the Google updates good quality content is rewarded, whilst websites with poor or duplicate content are punished with a lower ranking.


Informative and quality content with discreet and natural keyword implementation is the recipe for a successful marketing campaign. You will be better placed on search engine results, you will gain more viewers, and if the correct keywords have been chosen you should see your conversion rate increase substantially too.


To conclude, content marketing needs to be implemented if a company is to flourish in the current day. It lies at the core of all other marketing campaigns and is one of the most effective methods of increasing exposure through SEO and reaffirming brand identity.


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