Dating In Lockdown 3.0

Dating and finding love can be difficult in normal circumstances – let alone in a global pandemic. Finding someone you can connect with on an emotional level, as well as a physical level, having the awkward first meet and deciding if you will be splitting the bill at the end of the night – those days are now long gone. Once you factor in a pandemic, it may seem that all hope is lost for finding the one in 2021.

However, rest assured that you can still find love, as there are lots of dating apps and websites to try, we have access to video calling and singletons across the world are coming up with creative ways to get to know each other whilst never actually meeting.

How are relationships changing in lockdown?

Lockdown has been a trying time for us all, and as time goes on (and this being the third national lockdown that the UK has had to endure) people are beginning to lose hope that they can find love. However, thank god for social media and dating apps, because you are still able to form relationships and meet people online. Lots of people have been seeking certainty during this time, and as a result of that they are almost skipping past the early stages of a relationship and moving into a relationship a lot quicker than usual.

With people having to make choices such as having lots of time and space from each other, or forming a social bubble and moving in together, this has helped the strongest relationships flourish much quicker than they usually would, and it has enhanced lots of relationships that would have maybe taken things much slower in normal times.

How can you still meet new people and form relationships in lockdown?

Although the UK is currently in a lockdown for the foreseeable future and we are given a stay at home instruction, there are still plenty of ways to meet people online and possibly even meet ‘the one’. If you are looking to meet new people in your local area, the Devon Dating Site are a dating agency Devon that can help you along your way to finding love for over 60s in Devon.

Lockdown date ideas

The most important thing about dating during lockdown is to keep things interesting, and to be creative in your ideas for choosing dates. Here are just a few of my favourite lockdown date ideas, that take social distancing into consideration:

Go to a drive thru movie

This is a great date night idea and is even possible if you are not in a social bubble with someone as you can take your own cars. Most drive in theatres offer a double feature so that you can plan a late night out. If you can’t get out to the movies, you can even set up your own theatre in your back garden or driveway, and turn it into a Netflix night.

Go Stargazing

Keep an eye on the weather and jot down a date in the diary that will have clear skies to head out to the countryside to catch the best view of passing comets, shooting stars, planets and space stations. You can use lots of apps to identify which stars you are looking at and pick out your favourite constellation.

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