Discover the Magic of Hive: Your Guide to Saving Money

Are you looking to make your home more energy-efficient and save money on your utility bills? Look no further than Hive, the smart home technology company that helps you monitor and control your home’s energy usage. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Hive can help you save money and provide you with tips on making the most of its features.

Understanding Hive

Hive is a leading provider of smart home technology. Its products include Hive Active Heating, Hive Active Lights, Hive Active Plugs, and Hive Active Thermostats. These devices work together using the Hive app to help you manage your home’s energy usage, no matter where you are. Here’s how you can use Hive to save money:

  1. Energy Monitoring
    Hive allows you to monitor your home’s energy usage in real-time using the Hive app. You’ll be able to see how much energy you’re consuming, which appliances are using the most energy, and when you’re using electricity the most. This knowledge can help you identify areas where you can save energy and reduce your bills.

Hive View: The energy view feature on the Hive app allows you to see your energy usage at a glance. You can view your usage by day, week, or month and compare it to previous periods.

Appliance Control: The Hive Active Plug allows you to control your appliances remotely using the app. You can turn off appliances like TVs or gaming consoles when they’re not in use, which can save you money.

  1. Smart Heating
    Heating your home can be expensive, especially during colder months. Hive Active Heating allows you to control your heating remotely, so you can adjust the temperature from anywhere and avoid wasting energy. Here’s how Hive Active Heating can help you save money:

Heating Schedules: Use the Hive app to set heating schedules for your home. You can set the temperature to lower when you’re sleeping or away from home, which can save energy and reduce your energy bills.

Geolocation: Hive Active Heating uses geolocation technology to detect when you’re leaving or returning home. This means your heating can automatically turn off or on when you leave or return, which can save you money and energy.

  1. Lighting Control
    Controlling your lighting is another way to save money on your energy bills. Hive Active Lights allow you to remotely control your lighting using the app. Here are some ways Hive Active Lights can help you save money:

Scheduling: Use the Hive app to schedule your lights to turn off when you’re not using them. This not only saves energy but also enhances your home’s security when you’re away.

Dimming: Hive Active Lights can be dimmed to different levels, which allows you to save energy while still having the lighting you need.

Additional Tips for Maximising Savings

Here are some additional tips to make the most out of Hive and maximize your savings:

Utilise Hive Actions: Hive Actions is a feature on the app that allows you to set up automated routines for your home. For example, you can set up an action that turns off all your lights and heating when you leave home, which ensures you don’t waste energy.

Compare Energy Tariffs: Use the energy comparison tool on Hive’s website to compare different energy tariffs. You can see which providers offer the best deals in your area and potentially save money on your energy bills.

Install Hive Devices Efficiently: Make sure to install your Hive devices efficiently to ensure they’re working effectively. If you’re unsure, seek professional installation or assistance.

Take Advantage of Discounts: Hive often provides discounts and promotions on their products. Keep an eye on their website or subscribe to their newsletters to receive these offers.


Hive is a powerful tool that can help you save money on your utility bills while still managing the comfort of your home. Use Hive’s energy monitoring, smart heating, and lighting control tools to reduce your energy consumption and bills. Don’t forget to take advantage of Hive Actions, compare energy tariffs, install devices efficiently, and take advantage of discounts to maximize your savings. With Hive, you can control your home’s energy usage and save money in the process.

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