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Display Your Second Hand Clothes Beautifully to Improve Sales


Display Your Second Hand Clothes Beautifully to Improve Sales


Image Credit; Unsplash

Let’s take a moment to compare the average charity shop with the average vintage shop. They both essentially stock the same thing: second hand wares in need of a new home. And yet, the layout and presentation is completely different.

In a charity shop, a jumbled mess is the norm with too-bright lighting and a vague sense that these clothes aren’t really for anyone. In stark contrast, a vintage shop displays clothes as though they are artworks in themselves, tempting customers in and making the most of the unique nature of each item.

This is what you should do to sell your old stuff and make a bit of cash. Whether you are decluttering in the hopes of making a quick few quid for a night out or you want to make a small business out of your finds, this is what you should do.

Model Your Clothes

Mannequins are ideal for modelling clothes and there are a few different styles you might like to choose from. For example, https://my-mannequins.co.uk/male-4 has a wide range of mannequins in different poses and made from different materials. This is a great way to bring some character to your online store and create more atmosphere in your photos.

Of course, you could model your old clothes yourself. This option is a bit riskier though as, presumably, the reason you are selling your clothes is that they don’t fit or suit you that well anymore. Asking a friend could be a better option!

Stylize Your Photos

While you should make sure that the quality and colour of your clothing is accurate, you can still style your clothes to create a greater sense of artwork. For example, you could pair different items to create a few looks (and add links to encourage customers to purchase the whole outfit). Similarly, you could try different settings or backdrops to create more drama.

Lighting is an essential part of photography and there are a few different fashion lighting setups that could inspire your own work. Just remember that you can also include more basic shots of your product as well as the styled version so while good lighting is key, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Catwalk Your Clothes

Some clothes beg to be worn and shown off. In fact, sometimes a photo doesn’t do justice to an item that looks great on but a bit weird on the hanger. This is where a catwalk video could help.

Catwalking your clothes is all about showing their natural movement so your ability to walk like a supermodel really matters here. Try not to draw attention to yourself by keeping your arms still and your posture nice and tall. There’s no need to wiggle your hips or attempt weird poses but you could have a bit of fun making your first lengths to warm up!

How you present clothes makes a big difference to how they are perceived. Present a mixed up jumble and you can expect jumble sales prices. Present something spectacular and your prices may reflect your efforts!

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