Driving Habits That Will Help You Save A Stash of Cash


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It doesn’t matter whether you commute via four-wheels everyday, go on mini-road trips every other weekend or have a long drive home when the holiday season comes around; we could all do with some tips and tricks that will help us save money on the car front because, right now, your habits are probably seeing your car guzzle more gas than a hungover student guzzling down 20 McChicken Nuggets.


We can’t stress this enough: poor driving habits are just as bad as you taking out handfuls of cash and setting them on fire. Sure, you might have the latest fuel-saving vehicle to hit the market. But there’s no point in forking out that extra cash up front if you don’t know how to do more, or which driving habits are the best way to double-down on your money-saving habits.


So, without further ado, here’s a list of driving habits that could see you save thousands of bucks:


  1. Keep It Smooth

Nothing is going to see you waste more fuel than driving aggressively, unnecessarily. We’re talking about slamming your foot into the accelerator pedal when the light turns green only to brake hard a ¼ mile down the road. It will drastically increase your fuel usage. It’s a much better idea to accelerate smoothly, brake softer and sooner, and keep in one lane while it’s safe to do so. Do this and you’ll use less fuel, keep your brakes happy and see your tires last way longer.


  1. Slow Down, Man

Another surefire way to handover a stash of cash at the fuel station more often is to perpetually speed. It wastes so much fuel. Even dropping your speed from 100 kph to 90 kph will see you use 15 percent less fuel. But that’s not all. It’s also a good idea to use that cruise control switch and keep your speed constant. It will help you conserve more fuel. A lot more fuel, in fact.


  1. Empty The Trunk

The more bits and bobs you are lugging around, the more fuel you are using because your car will weigh more. It’s simple science. So have a look in your trunk and remove whatever cargo is loitering in there and on your backseats to boost your car’s economy. The aim is to travel as light as you possibly can, keeping only the bits you need.


  1. Spot The Dangers

There are certain dangers on the road you can spot ahead of time and reduce your chances of spending more money on fuel, repairs or having to view legal services because of a collision. Be aware of the weather and the road conditions. Always drive with your lights on. Try not to drive at night if possible and accept truck drivers can get tired behind the wheel. Spotting little things like this can help you save a big chunk of change in more ways than one.


  1. Reduce Your Drag

No matter what make your car is, there was a team of people working on the aerodynamics. Adding a huge luggage carrier or bike rack to the roof is not going to help. Instead, you’ll add more wind resistance and more drag, and that will see you use more fuel.


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