How Can Brands and Fashion Bloggers Collaborate?

In the past few years, brands and agencies have realised the need there is for bloggers and how much influence they have. Today, it is no secret that working with bloggers has become one of the most powerful digital PR tactics.

Brands have built up effective relationships with popular bloggers, and they are teaming up with bloggers and productive some very effective and creative content together.

The fashion blogging world is a very competitive field, so you need to be prepared to put in the work to get yourself noticed by your favourite fashion brands. With many people looking for new ways to express themselves and with the latest fashion trends forever changing, fashion bloggers can sometimes not realise how much influence they have.

In this post, I want to talk about how brands can work with fashion bloggers and the types of collaborations they can do together.

How can brands and fashion bloggers collaborate?

Brands are always on the lookout for new marketing tactics and new bloggers to team up with to promote their products. Brands will often look for bloggers who have worn and written about their products in the past, and if their blog is a good fit with their brand, they will get in touch with the blogger to work together.

Sponsored posts

A popular type of collaboration between a blogger and a brand is a sponsored post. This is something between a blog post and a traditional advertisement, and it is a lot more educational than a traditional ad and carries extra weight because it is coming from an influencer.

Sponsored posts will get picked up easier by search engines such as Google, which encourages organic reach of the brand. When working with a brand, the brand may offer you one sponsored post or they could agree a deal with you that you publish one sponsored post a month for them over three months. Most of the time, it depends on their budget and how much they are willing to spend.

Gifted items

Brands and fashion bloggers UK can also collaborate with gifted items. This is on the basis that the brand sends the blogger some of their products to either take photos in and upload to social media, or do a product review on the items. Gifting products in exchange for mentions digitally, whether that be an Instagram post or a mention on Facebook, is a hugely popular way for influencers and brands to collaborate. Bloggers can even do gift guides using gifted items which is a very effective way to promote the brand.

Product giveaways

In addition to the valuable word of mouth recommendations that product reviews and gifting can bring, brands can also invite UK fashion bloggers to do a product giveaway. This method offers great return for both parties as it will drive more engagement and followers to the blogger and generates more exposure for the brand.

Top tips on how to work with brands if you are a fashion blogger

Be patient

Just like any other relationship, working with brands will take time to build up trust and credibility. You could approach a brand with a few really great ideas, but none of them may work for the current marketing campaign that they are in the middle of completing. It is important to be patient and keep in communication with the brand as much as you gracefully can.

Keep it realistic

It is vital to be realistic about the brands you want to work with, as you shouldn’t always expect to hear back from your dream brands.

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My 5 favourite fashion blogs

Here are some of my favourite fashion bloggers:

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