Fun Valentine’s Date Ideas For Gamers

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the most important day for couples in vastly approaching, and with this year being very different to previous years due to the national lockdown in the UK right now, if you are in a relationship it’s more important than ever to plan something special for your significant other.

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your partner how much you love them and how appreciated they are, and if you are spending V Day with your favourite gamer, but you are not sure what to do for them – don’t worry, as this post is going to be all about the best Valentine’s Day date ideas for gamers.

Go to a virtual arcade

As the UK will still be under lockdown restrictions on Valentine’s Day this year, it is important to respect social distancing guidelines and that means unfortunately that we won’t be able to go places where we usually would want to go. So a great date idea is to go to a virtual arcade. There are plenty of ‘arcades’ online, where you can fight zombies, conquer puzzles and explore new worlds together. This is also a great bonding experience as it will strengthen your abilities to work together.

Go Pokemon hunting on your daily exercise

Another great idea is to go Pokemon hunting on your one form of daily exercise, so you can download the Pokemon app have a romantic stroll around your local area.

Have a virtual concert

If you enjoy gaming, you are also likely to enjoy music, and with plenty of streaming apps available to us at the moment, you could watch a recorded version of your favourite artists concert on Youtube as a great valentine’s date idea.

Do cosplay together

According to a number of love and relationship experts, getting dressed up in the bedroom can spice things up in any relationship and bring some passion to the relationship. By assuming a new identity, couples stuck in the same old routine can bring the magic back to the bedroom and make for an unbelievable Valentine’s Day date. For gamers, role play can only mean one thing, dressing up as your favourite characters and hitting each other with foam swords or jumping across imaginary blocks like Mario. Anyone can see how that would be fun, however doing it with a loved one makes it twice as enjoyable than usual!

Meet some new people

However, not to worry if you are not in a relationship for this Valentine’s Day as despite the government lockdown rules in the UK currently, there are still plenty of chances to meet another gamer. There are lots of dating apps for gamers where you can meet a potential partner with lots of similar interests to you. Now is a great opportunity to take the reins and take advantage of all of the time some of us have on our hands and meet Gamers Dates gamer girls who you could potentially start a long lasting relationship with. Enjoy!

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