Go Henry Alternatives: Exploring Other Options for Kids’ Debit Cards

Go Henry is a popular debit card for kids that has taken the UK by storm. Designed to teach children financial responsibility, it allows parents to monitor their children’s spending while providing independence. However, Go Henry may not be the perfect fit for everyone. In this blog post, we will explore alternative options to Go Henry, highlighting other debit cards for kids in the UK that offer similar features.

  1. Osper
    Osper is a children’s debit card and app that enables parents to set monthly spending limits, receive instant transaction notifications, and monitor their child’s spending. The card is free, and there are no transaction fees for UK-based transactions. Parents can also set parental controls to block certain retailers or transactions. One of the unique features of Osper is that it allows children to earn extra money by completing tasks and chores set by their parents.
  2. RoosterMoney
    RoosterMoney is a family-friendly app that helps parents teach their children financial literacy. The app offers a feature called Rooster Card, which is a prepaid debit card for kids. Parents can set up direct debits onto the card, limit spending, and pay pocket money regularly. The app also lets children keep track of their balances, categorize their spending, and set savings goals. RoosterMoney also offers additional options to earn extra money, including rewards for good behavior and completing educational tasks.
  3. Nimbl
    Nimbl is another debit card designed for children aged 6 to 18 years. The card allows parents to set up regular pocket money payments, set spending limits, and monitor transactions in real-time. Nimbl offers instant notifications and lock and unlock features on the go. The app lets children set savings goals, track spending, and earn money through chores and other tasks set up by parents.
  4. GoSpend
    GoSpend is a free children’s debit card that offers similar features to Go Henry. It provides parents with visibility and control over their children’s spending, unlimited card settings, and is compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay. One of the unique features of GoSpend is that parents can allocate money to a specific retailer, such as the local cinema or a sports shop, allowing children to learn about budgeting for specific purchases.
  5. Revolut Junior
    Revolut is a digital banking platform, and it offers a junior option. Parents can sign up for a Revolut account and add a junior account for children aged 7 to 17 years. The junior account comes with its own debit card, transaction notifications, spending limits, and parental control features. Children can also earn extra money by completing tasks and chores set up by parents.


While Go Henry is a popular choice, there are various alternatives that can offer even more benefits to families. Choosing the right children’s debit card depends on individual needs and preferences, and it’s crucial to explore different options before making a decision. Consider factors such as fees, parental controls, spending limits, and additional features like task management, savings goals, and educational tools.

By exploring these alternative options and comparing them to Go Henry, parents can find the best fit for their children’s financial education. These debit cards offer a convenient and safe way to manage children’s pocket money while teaching valuable lessons about money management.

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