Great Ways Of Saving For Further Education

It’s no secret that higher education is going to cost you an arm and a leg, no matter what kind of course you’re looking to take. However, obtaining a higher education can and will help land a higher paying job in the long run! But, if you’ve got no money, what can you do? This can be especially hard if you’re choosing to go into education later on in life when you’ve got financial obligations such as rent, fuel and clothes to buy. It is totally possible to do, and we’ve got some great ways of saving money for further education.

Pick up a part time job on the side

One surefire way of making money is picking up a part time job on the side before even thinking of applying for a course. All of the money you make from your side job can be saved to help pay off any fees, or even help towards paying your regular bills while you’re studying. We realise it may be difficult to find another job during the pandemic, so why not consider making money from home? You could start and monetise a blog, or even do some freelance work in your free time!

Consider moving home

This might sound a little odd, as moving home can be very expensive. However, if you move to a cheaper property you could save hundreds each month to put towards your higher education! If you have no obligations such as children and family, consider looking into cheap student accommodation. Real estate agents such as hair & son offer a wide range of properties, so why not take a look and see if you could be saving money each month?

Buy a second hand car

Many people opt for finance cars because it’s a great way of having a higher end car without having to fork out large amounts of cash in bulk. However, you’re obligated to pay a contracted sum of money until you’ve purchased the car. Doing this will eat away at money that could be saved for higher education! Consider buying a second hand car and keeping it well serviced – you’ll be surprised at how much money you could save!

Use your haggling skills

A little known fact is that your utility providers can almost certainly always offer you a cheaper price for your gas and electricity! The truth is, they want to keep you as a customer for as long as possible, especially in today’s economy with new providers popping up left, right and centre. Use your haggling skills and give them a call to see if they can provide you with a cheaper tariff for your utility bills. The mere thought of losing a customer usually gives them incentive to offer a much more bearable price. So brush up on your haggling skills and see how much you could save! If your providers can’t offer you anything else – look elsewhere!

Saving money is quite easy when you put your mind to it, and with a few changes to your lifestyle you could easily save a nice amount of money to put into your education!

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