Growing Up In A Football Family

Football has always been a huge part of my life, I think when you grow up with a football mad older brother it is always going to be. When I was younger, all that was usually on TV was either Match Of The Day or Fifa. And to be honest, not much has changed now that I’m older and I have a football obsessed boyfriend! In this blog post, I am going to talk about my experience as a football fan.

Growing up, a few of the mandatory traditions my dad passed down to us were proper manners, how to budget, how to mow the grass and most importantly, a love for football. Being from Hull, we only really had the choice to support Hull City! We were both bought Hull City football shirts with our names on the back, and I remember absolutely loving having a personalised football top to wear when the matches were on telly.

I also remember the excitement of England playing in the World Cup when I was younger. I donned my England shirt and I can specifically remember painting England flags on both my cheeks with my mum’s lipstick. To this day, I still feel the same excitement when England play a huge event. It’s amazing to see the whole country come together to support the same thing, I love the feeling of being patriotic.

I know that a lot of people can say that sport today is dropping down in people’s priorities, however in my opinion it’s only getting more popular. I think the Euros this year are a huge indicator of that. My boyfriend also loves football so it was very important to him that we watched every game live, whether that was at home or in the pub. It was amazing to see those people who aren’t even a huge fan of football to come together to support their home countries.

When we were old enough, my dad managed to get season tickets to see Hull City play at our home stadium, which was called the KC Stadium at the time, for my brother, my mum, me and my dad. We used to take the bus into town to get there, and seeing thousands of football fans in the stadium when it was absolutely buzzing was a feeling that I could never get enough of as a child.

One of my most special memories of going to see City play was when they were playing Manchester United at our home ground, and we were actually seeing these amazing football players right in front of our own eyes!

There were 25,000 fans there that day, and even though Hull City lost it was still one of the best feelings I can remember. Even now, you always know if Hull City are playing if you go into town by all of the fans streaming into the stadium in their orange and black football tops.

However, even after all these years of loving and supporting football, it’s still sometimes hard for me to understand the concept of the offside rule!

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