How Can Commercial Boilers Benefit Your Business?

Heating a commercial building where people work is extremely important for creating a comfortable environment, as well as preventing condensation or damp. Commercial heating systems are very different from residential ones as they are on a larger scale, and they have to cover more square footage and have different considerations to take into account.

A reliable and effective source of hot water and heating is essential for a whole range of businesses, and commercial boilers are designed to provide this. From providing hot water in offices to keeping school classrooms warm, commercial heating systems are essential.

What is a commercial boiler?

A commercial boiler is a pressurised system that either burns combustible fuel or use electricity to heat water. The hot water is then circulated via pipes or radiators throughout the commercial property to keep the space warm for staff, clients or customers.

Natural gas is most commonly used within commercial boilers, and some boilers use the actual hot water itself whilst other commercial boiler utilise water that has been turned to steam. Whether you are looking to heat a hotel, caravan park, school or hospital, a variety of businesses can benefit from commercial heating boilers.

How can a commercial boiler benefit your business?

Neglecting to upgrade your business’s boiler can lead to lots of different consequences, including frozen pipes and huge bills when the boiler decides to break. This is why installing a new commercial boiler should be a priority for every business. There are lots of benefits of installing a commercial boiler including:

Reduced heating bills

A new boiler will run at maximum efficiency, which means it uses less fuel to heat your building, and will save you money in the long run.

Neglecting to upgrade your boiler can lead to all kinds of negative consequences, from frozen pipes to huge bills, so getting a new one should be high on your list of jobs. Here are nine benefits you and your company will receive from replacing your commercial boiler. Modern boilers will use less money to heat the building to the same temperature, and it is an investment that will quickly pay off.

Your customers and staff will be more comfortable

Employers have a duty of care towards their employees so it is important that your staff are working in comfortable and acceptable conditions. Heating the building to a comfortable temperature will increase productivity which leads to happier staff members and customers. An ATAG Boiler is perfect for doing just this.

You will have hot water on demand

Older boiler systems can sometimes require a hot water cylinder to work and heat the water, which can take up a lot of space in your premise and uses a lot of energy. Modern commercial boilers give you water as and when you need it, which in turn means that you don’t need a large water cylinder.

Commercial heating systems can reduce your environmental impact

Because commercial heating systems are much more efficient and they reduce the amount of fuel needed to heat your premises, this reduces your carbon footprint and helps to make your company more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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