How Do You Know if A Life Change Is Appropriate For You?

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Absolutely no one knows how life will go, and what is most appropriate for them. All we can do is make the best-laid plans, work hard, stay honest, and see what happens. That’s all anyone can do, from the most fortunate to the most struggling – we are all at the mercy of unpredictability. However, for some people, that unpredictability, and the change it offers, is appealing.

It might be that you’re well into your middle of life years and wish to change your career. You may be tired of your job, and wish to go back into education. Perhaps you wish to move to a new country, checking out the mortgage rates there. Perhaps you’re interested in taking time to reconsider your social circle.

Perhaps it’s time for you to finally work your way out of debt, and to address the problems you’ve been avoiding for so long. All of this can signify new and better things on the horizon – but how do you know if they’re right for you or not? Please, consider in the following advice:

Testing It Out

Diving in headfirst can sometimes be an important and necessary step to welcoming change – but not always. It can be nice to know what you’re getting into from time to time. For instance, in Western cultures at least, it’s rare to get married to someone without knowing them. You take them on dates, you meet their family, you might live together for years before making that kind of commitment. It’s quite abhorrent to refer to this as a ‘test drive’ of a person before a commitment of merit, but it could be labeled as this. We need to know that what we’re committing to is worthwhile, and that can apply to both a relationship or purchasing a car from the dealership, even if this is a very reductive way to look at things.

It might be that it’s worth testing out your own life change, too. Perhaps you wish to quit your job and make money as a freelance artist online. But have you taken on any clients in your free time first? Quitting your day job might be a mistake right now, and so slowly easing your way into that professional output could be a better idea. Testing out an approach helps you see just what you may expect form it, and it dispels any notions of perfection going forward. This can help you feel more aware of exactly what and how you need to move forward.

Talking With Those Experienced

It can be quite enlightening to speak with those who already have experience with a certain life direction. Thankfully, you don’t have to hunt these people down and ask them to a coffee date in order to pick their brain. The internet is filled with people who are willing to share their advice on all worldly manners, and so it can be quite worthwhile to take this approach.

Communities like Reddit, for example, have many different means in which to connect with people. From r/AskARussian and subreddits like it, to country-specific subreddits like r/Japan, figuring out what makes a country click, speaking to expats, speaking to those in certain careers, figuring out how to behave when dating someone from another country, all of this understanding can be aided with a little care, attention, and a healthy curiosity. Asking questions shows an inquisitive mind, someone willing to learn and learn some more. For that reason, we’d certainly recommend talking with those more experienced than you.

Getting Into Brass Tacks

It’s very easy for us to feel somewhat interested in a life change, to the point where it becomes fantastical and somewhat unrealistic. We think about every single avenue, every positive thing that could happen, every way our life would be better. You may even be absolutely right. But it’s better to not let this fantasy (as it may be at present) deter you from truly understanding what the reality of this may be.

For instance, if moving into a new home, calculating the mortgage rates can help you understand just what your financial commitments may be. When hoping to get married, it’s important to calculate the cost of the wedding, and how much work it will take to plan it. Rarely will work, effort and expense truly prevent you from feeling excited, but they can put that excitement in context, and this process also gets you closer to your goal.

It’s also healthy top think about the less-than-enjoyable considerations that you may need to think about. For instance, right now, getting married is quite tough – as Covid-19’s spread is far from over, and that can limit just what size of event you are permitted to enjoy. Keeping these things in mind will help you make plans, delay plans, or understand the plans you hope to impose in the future. That can be tremendously helpful.

Discuss With Those Who Know You

It can be quite strange to think that other people may know you better than you know yourself. However, it’s worth taking their opinions into consideration. If your best friend really believes that you’re not making this life decisions as a healthy choice, but rather a choice helping you overcome your boredom, then it’s worth considering that. 

Healthy self-criticism and reflection from time to time can be tremendously worthwhile, particularly when it comes to understanding your true motivations. We would recommend taking a little time to think about this, or at least making room for it. It may just be the consideration that helps you move forward with competence, potentially even opening you up to better and newer alternatives. For instance, you may have had your mind dead set on a certain career path, only to be denied access to it, with an alternative suggested. Instead of feeling dismayed, considering this alternative could be healthy. 

With this advice, we hope you can more easily understand if a life change is for you or not. This can help you solidify your confident action, making more of a success with your life plans.

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