How Has Dating Changed Since Lockdown Began?

The coronavirus outbreak has massively changed our lives, and I think it is safe to say that life as we knew it may never be the same again. When the virus first began to break out in China, I never imagined it would get to this point in our lives, although the UK and other countries are beginning to ease lockdown restrictions. However, have you ever thought about what this means for single people? In this post I am going to look at how relationships have changed for single people during COVID-19, and what changes I forsee for single people in the future.

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Single people will begin to feel more lonely

As we are entering our 11th week in lockdown, the restrictions have affected many people’s social and every day lives. Loneliness is a normal human emotion, although if you are someone who regularly enjoys meeting up with strangers for dates or sex, it may be starting to take a toll on you if you are lacking this in your life.

Dating sites will begin to adopt video calling

I truly believe that the world and the way we think will never go back to how it used to be before the lockdown was issued. People will start to become more wary, and we have all become so accustomed to social distancing and staying away from people that it may start to become the norm to us. Brits in lockdown are starting to use dating websites more and more, and socialising with people online is becoming ever popular. With travel restrictions also in place, I believe dating sites for example, welovedates, may adopt video calling in the future to make it easier for couples in long distance relationships to ‘meet’.

Single people may be able to create more deeper connections with strangers

It is not to be said that the Coronavirus outbreak won’t change online dating for the better though, as I believe that it may allow single people who could possibly jump straight into meeting someone in the flesh to form deeper and more meaningful connections with people they meet online. This is because due to the travel and lockdown restrictions, people may be a little bit more reserved when it comes to organising a meet, so they have more time to chat to people online, and not jump straight into the bedroom part of dating!

People will have more time to talk

Due to the restrictions a lot of people have more time, as people are working from home, so you are not using your spare time to get dressed in the morning or commuting to work. This means you have more time to using dating sites and chat to people, so you can skip the small talk and irrelevant chats and go straight to the expressive chats. Also, during this pandemic, single people are more likely to share more meaningful thoughts of fear and hope.

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