How Have Casual Relationships Been Affected During Lockdown?

It is interesting to see how the whole world has been affected during the pandemic, and most of all, how lockdown has changed our lives. It’s hard to believe that the world will ever go back to be the same after this has all been and gone. It really has altered our way of thinking, but is it really for the better when it comes to dating?

If you are someone who is into casual relationships, and meeting people online to hook up, this lockdown will have changed your sex life, as well as possibly your mental health, and you could be feeling very lonely right now. As we see the UK and other countries easing out of lockdown, things are very slowly starting to get back to normal, and shifting back to the life that we know. But what does this mean when it comes to dating in the future?

Depending on what your main focus has been during lockdown, you may have decided to totally concentrate on yourself and your family, or your mind may have wondered to whether now is a good time to start dating. In March, Tinder saw an all time high, with more than three billion “swipes” and a 20% increase of conversation, as lockdown has driven single people all around the world to online dating apps.

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If you are looking for no strings dating, or enjoy the odd sex dating site, you may be wondering what changes will be on their way for single people who like to meet new people regularly? Do you think dating sites will adopt video calling to make it easier for long distance hook-ups to ‘meet’ safely?

Lots of people would never consider breaking lockdown rules for an in-person date, even though I’m sure everybody is a little bit sexually frustrated, and there definitely might be some temptation there to meet up with someone. I definitely think dating sites will adopt video calling to make it easier for people to meet, because everyone will be very wary of the repercussions of meeting a stranger. And who knows when travel restrictions will be lifted, or ease off.

But how long will video calling stay exciting? If you take away sex and affection from a relationship, it will really strip the relationship bare and may allow us to create deeper connections. If you are only looking for casual sex and a no strings attached hook up, this will really cause problems for you, and let’s be honest, we will find a way to meet people for that reason anyway, no matter what the restrictions in place are!

The best thing about dating in lockdown is that it really doesn’t matter where in the world someone lives, and instead of hoping that a strong physical connection develops into a strong emotional connection, we can now do this in reverse and find out if someone would be good company and if you would genuinely get along with them.

Let me know how you think online dating will change in the future!

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