How often you should deep clean your commercial kitchen

It is the responsibility of every commercial kitchen owner to maintain a clean and safe environment for their customers and members of staff. Along with thorough cleaning on a daily basis, every food business is also required to have their commercial kitchens deep cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent pests and nasties. If this is neglected, there is an increased risk of pest infestations, and commercial kitchen owners may find themselves in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

If evidence of pests is found within your business, notices will be served and your business may be closed down temporarily or even permanently, and you will receive a hefty fine.

Not only are pests a big factor on affecting your food hygiene ratings, but a dirty kitchen can present a big risk to your customers, who could potentially become ill from foodborne illness due to sanitation issues within your commercial kitchen.

What does a professional deep clean involve?

A professional deep cleaning service uses equipment and cleaning chemicals that will not only achieve a very high level of cleanliness and sanitation, but they will also kill any bacteria and germs that are lingering in your commercial kitchen.

It removes built up grease, food and bacteria from every surface and appliance, including areas that are hard to reach and usually out of sight. As well as cleaning surfaces, floors and walls, all cooking equipment is cleaned inside and out, including ovens, fridges, freezers, microwaves, deep fat fryers and extractor fans. It also tackles grease traps such as ventilation systems and filters.

Why use a professional cleaning service for a commercial kitchen?

Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense, food safety laws state that you must deep clean your commercial kitchen every six months. It can also enhance the safety of your business, as the deep clean will get rid of any ingrained grease that may present a fire hazard if it’s left to build up. When undertaking a comprehensive extracting cleaning, appliances that have the largest build up of grease are completely cleansed and cleaned. It is also beneficial as it can help to prolong the life of your catering equipment and appliances, which could even save you money in the long run.

How to choose your commercial kitchen deep cleaning contractor

When you begin to look at choosing a commercial cleaning company to clean your commercial kitchen, you should consider their past experience and where they have cleaned before. You are looking for your kitchen to be deep cleaned to the highest possible standard, therefore don’t be afraid to ask for references, as any professional should be more than happy to provide them. You can check out commercial floor cleaning services in Long Island, NY if you’re in the area.

The company’s cleaners need to be reliable, and attend your premises when they say they are going to come. They also should be up to date on health and safety protocols and use the right equipment and PPE. It is important that your professional contractor needs to meet the standards and quality you require, and some deep cleaning companies even provide certification after every clean, which can be used for insurance purposes.

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