How to Be More Efficient at Work

Efficiency at work comes down to two things; how you use your time and how you use the equipment and resources available to you. The more efficiently the company operates as a whole, the better it will perform and the more money there will be for your employer to invest back into the business.

Consider how you usually start each day. Do you split up your larger tasks into smaller chunks, and arrange a priority list? If not, it might be something worth doing going forward. Getting through the urgent tasks first will prevent any last-minute madness at the end of the day.

Take frequent breaks so that you don’t start to suffer with any aches and pains or eye strain. It’s important to move around and stretch your body regularly and also give your mind a rest so that you can come back to your tasks feeling refreshed and calm. Use your breaks to check your messages and catchup with colleagues so that you’re not doing it throughout the day, otherwise you will not be able to produce high quality work.

When it comes to using resources at work, many of us are guilty of being quite wasteful. This is probably because we’re not the ones who have to pay for it. However, if we can help our employers save money, they will be able to use it for more valuable things like staff training or incentives. For instance, how are you using the business printer? Could you send digital copies instead to save paper and ink? Are you reducing font size so that it takes up less space on the page?

You might also be using the lighting inefficiently, which will boost the utility bills unnecessarily. Perhaps you could move your workstation closer to a window so that you can make use of natural light. This will also be better for your eyes and reduce the likelihood of a headache.

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