How to Bring 1920s Fashion to the Modern Day

Since the 2013 release of the film, The Great Gatsby, a whole generation of movie-goers have been head-over-heels for the fashion and style of 1920s America. The last seven years, for these fanatics, have been a long countdown to the re-entry of the ‘20s. They might not be the 1920s, but the 2020s are still a perfect opportunity to bring 1920s fashion back to life.

Today, we’re going to check out a few ways of bringing that Gatsby glam to the forefront of cutting edge fashion in the next decade.


The outfits of the 1920s were revolutionary for women, with the floor-length, corseted dresses of the 1900-1910s being abandoned for loose, flowing dresses that rarely reached the ground. The advents of 1920s fashion were oriented around androgynous shapes. Dropped waists created an almost rectangular shape that blurred the boundaries between feminine and masculine styles. Furthermore, women had begun to wear trousers – an item that had been exclusively for men up to this point. 

Bring it to the 2020s: The hottest way of bringing these styles to contemporary fashion is incorporating those same shapes in your clothing. Dresses with dropped waists, as well as trousers with high waists and wide legs are essentials for 2020s/1920s fashion. Focus on androgynous shapes that can complement your body shape without being too curve-oriented and you’re on the right track. For tops, consider turtlenecks in cottons and blouses for that luscious vintage feel.


With the Western economy booming, the roaring ‘20s were a time when more people had more money, and were therefore spending at record highs. With women beginning to enter the workforce, there was an influx of young women living independent lives, which meant buying their own clothes and accessories with their own hard-earned cash. The accessories these women spent their money on were typical of the period; headwear is key. Hats were a huge element of 1920s fashion and style. Bucket hats and berets were suitable for everyday wear, with the cloche hat being immensely popular. 

Bring it to the 2020s: Hats are making something of a comeback, with bucket hats returning to the catwalks. Explore the options currently on the hat market and see what catches your eye. For parties and other social events, it’s time for feathered, bejewelled headbands to make a comeback. Between that and the stylish vintage turban styles of the era, there’s plenty of high-fashion ways to make your party outfit worthy of any Gatsby event.


Diamonds and platinum were the reigning supremes of 1920s antique jewellery. The styles that were most commonly found reflected the popular shapes and colours of the time. Structured, architectural jewellery made in the Art Deco style was outrageously popular. This jewellery was almost like a direct response to the curved, sweeping shapes of the Art Nouveau jewellery that had come before. Everything about the 1920s was a dramatic departure from the decades before it, indicating its stance as a revolutionary new time for the future of the Western world.

Bring it to the 2020s: Popular styles from this time to imitate include long pearl strings, as these were ubiquitous elements of 1920s jewellery, being worn for parties in their multitudes, as well as day-to-day in shorter examples. Art Deco necklaces and Art Deco pendants are also brilliant ways to utilise 1920s style in the 2020s. There are still pendants and necklaces made today that imitate these styles, but you’ll be overjoyed to know that antique jewellery is still sold from this era, so there’s every chance you can find a genuine piece of history to wear with your flapper getup.


The hairstyles of the 1920s are iconic, even today. Not only were they stunningly beautiful, but they also represented the drastic changes in women’s ‘place’ in society. A lot of young women chose to crop their hair close to their heads, generating a plethora of bob hairstyles that were rebellious relic of revolution. The close-cropped bobs were often curled and waved in their style, with finger waves being hugely popular. The Eton crop was also a big hit in the 1920s, where the back of the head sported very masculine, short hair, while the front usually had some longer pieces that could be styled into waves.

Bring it to the 2020s: Finger waves are a great way to pay homage to the women of the past, with their style being versatile and workable with lots of different hair lengths and textures. Another way to bring the ‘20s to the ‘20s is to go for something bold and distinctive. A bob with a hard fringe is the epitome of the 1920s, particularly in dark browns and blacks. Explore the different styles and see what works for you in terms of maintenance and overall style.

So there you have it, a solid guide on how to bring 1920s fashion to the 2020s. Which styles do you like the most? Which are you excited to try?

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