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How To Celebrate Father’s Day With Moonpig

Moonpig Father's Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and I really can’t believe how quickly it has come round! And although it may be slightly different to previous years, it doesn’t mean it can’t be just as special. 

It’s quite hard at the moment to get out and about to buy gifts for Dad, so we are having to resort to buying everything online at the minute. Luckily, I have teamed up with Moonpig to show you some of the gift ideas you could spoil your Dad with.

Moonpig have a whole variety of gifts to choose from and don’t worry if you’re not able to see your Dad for Father’s Day this year, because Moonpig will deliver everything directly to his door!


What I bought my Dad for Father’s Day

My Dad enjoys trying new beers, so I decided to order the Glastonbury Micro IPA Gift Set which has an amazing selection of craft beers in it. I thought this was the perfect gift and it’s also a great way for him to relax and unwind and begin the Father’s Day celebrations – because after all it does only come once a year!

I also got him a tin of Cartwright & Butler “Exquisite Biscuits” which are triple chocolate chip (although I’m hoping he will share those!) and a GIANT, and when I say giant I mean it’s half the size of me, Cadbury’s chocolate bar! My Dad is a big foodie, and I’m sure it will take him until next Father’s Day to work his way through this bar of chocolate!

And finally, I ordered him a funny card to give him a good laugh, as I am the person who will always choose a jokey card rather than a soppy card!

Moonpig have an amazing selection of Father’s Day gifts from cards to balloons to novelty games, and you still have time to order something now! But whatever you do this Father’s Day, I hope that all the Dad’s out there have a great one!


*Moonpig kindly gifted me with a £50 voucher to purchase the products mentioned within this post




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