How To Date Whilst Social Distancing

I think over the past few months, many of us have experienced something we never thought we ever would in our lifetimes. Dating during a global pandemic. It’s hard, trust me. And as the rules are beginning to change and ease off a little bit, it begins to make it even harder for all the lonely singles out there.

After months of uncertainty and not knowing what is going to happen, we are all a little bit scared about what is coming next. It’s hard wanting to meet someone, and keep healthy at the same time. Most of us aren’t even sure how to get back to normality now, as people’s normal lives have changed forever. One day we will all be able to look back together and reflect on what this time once was, but for now it’s the single people who are looking for love who have been affected the most in this pandemic.

A lot of daters will be very hesitant to get on public transport, as although restrictions are easing slightly, it still poses a huge risk to exposure for society and may not be safe for everyone. This may mean that people will begin to look closer to home for love, and it may hugely affect long distance relationships as people won’t be able to visit their significant others if they live far apart. Bedfordshire dating site allows people in the area to meet each other and form a connection with them. could be the way of the future, as less and less people are willing to travel far away to meet their soulmate.

Many singletons haven’t had much physical contact in the time that we have been in lockdown either, and because of this they may be craving to have some intimacy. This could lead to them falsely believing they have feelings for someone, as many people’s communication skills will have suffered from lack of interaction – I mean we have been living like hermits for the past few months!

However with this being said, dating sites have massively skyrocketed in lock down and people have been turning to video calling services rather than meeting in the flesh. This could have changed the dating scene forever as people may want to video chat with someone before meeting them, in order to save them the time – and money – from going to meet them in person.

The time that we have had in lock down has given everyone a chance to reflect on their lives and how they are spending their time (and in a certain way this has benefited everyone) and it may have made older singletons that time is passing by very quickly and it may have shifted their perspective and their values. This could mean they are more willing to try internet dating in order to meet someone.

One thing for certain is that it has made dating more creative, as we can’t just pop down to the pub or to a restaurant for a first date, and many daters have been taking to the beach or the park for their dates.

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