How To Earn Money With Your Outdoor Space

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Did you know that you can make good money by renting outdoor spaces? For most people, an unused building or apartment offers the most common form of earning money through renting. But if you own any external facade or outdoor space, you can turn it into a lucrative money-making venture. Of course, how much you can earn will depend on your location, and your target customers. People seek unique venues to host events, launch marketing projects, or conduct other business. Here are some outdoor spaces you can earn money from. 

  1. Car park spaces

Parking spaces are some of the most sought-after places for business launches, promotions, parties, concerts, video shoots, photoshoots, and many others. That means you have a wide pool of potential clients to profit from if you own a parking space. You may not necessarily own an already-constructed car park space, but if you have unused land in an attractive location, you can easily turn it into a business opportunity. That means you’ll have to spend a little extra on quality pavement and other construction materials, but it’ll all be worth it. Ensure that your parking space is in a desirable location. It should be close to businesses, schools, or local attractions. Such spaces are also perfect for mobile food businesses looking for a place to pitch camp. 

  1. A terrace

Terrace businesses are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re lucky enough to own a home or building with a terrace, the opportunities are numerous. Rooftop pools, gardens, bars, spas, cafes, and restaurants are just a few options. Such spaces also work well for outdoor fitness classes, rooftop concerts, lounges, movies, playgrounds, and mini-markets. There’s also a massive potential for attracting freelancers and remote workers looking for comfortable and relaxing workplaces. You can turn your terrace into the perfect coworking space with a splendid background view for online meetings, so feel free to consider this. Research what type of business will thrive in your area or what events will likely draw more people to your terrace. Next, develop a business plan around it. Depending on the nature of your terrace, you may have to make some structural improvements. For example, you may add protective railings or barriers, install pergolas or shades, and improve your flooring. Other additions like furniture, lighting, and Wi-Fi services are also worth considering.

  1. Lawns 

A spacious lawn also offers good money-making potential. The size of your lawn will determine what you can do with it. But the options are many, including hosting events. If your lawn is visible to major roads or close to high-traffic areas, consider partnering with advertising agencies or approach businesses interested in outdoor advertising. You can negotiate payment for mounting billboards, advertising banners, and branded installations on your lawn. If your lawn isn’t close to a high-traffic area, rent it out for event-hosting activities to bring more people to the location. Then, you can attract businesses to advertise on your lawn during such events. Depending on the location, you may have the perfect lawn for private picnics and sunbathing. 

  1. Facades

A facade is the principal front of a building, especially the area facing a street or an open space. It offers visibility, which many businesses will find appealing. If your home or office building has such spaces, consider renting them as advertising billboards and digital signage platforms. Businesses, organisations, and even individuals can use them to advertise their products or display promotions. The front-facing walls can be perfect for wall screens, while the floor spaces might attract vendors. 

  1. Bus surface

You may have seen a bus shelter used as an advertising space, but did you know you can use the bus itself or a coach surface to showcase products and services? Vehicles are excellent advertising surfaces for many businesses. You’ve probably seen different ads printed on large buses and coaches, from event launches to products and services. These vehicles provide attractive advertisement surfaces for two main reasons. Firstly, they are large enough for bigger prints – and the bigger the print, the better the visibility. Secondly, they’re mobile, attracting more eyeballs than static billboards. If you own a bus, consider making more money by selling its surface as an advertising space. You can research and partner with local advertising agencies or businesses interested in bus wrap advertising.

Smaller vehicles are also effective advertising platforms, so keep this in mind. Some can carry mounted digital signage in addition to using printed wraps. 

  1. A private and community garden

Consider turning your garden into a lucrative business if you have an enchanting one. Three options are available. You can turn it into a private garden for photos and videos or hire it out as a private venue for garden weddings, parties, and dates. The second option is to transform it into a community garden. Others might call it a neighbourhood garden or an allotment garden, but the idea behind it is the same. You provide allotments to interested individuals to grow their preferred plants for a small fee. This option is perfect if you have an underutilised but spacious garden. The third option is to grow various garden produce and sell them. For example, food crops, herbs, and floral plants can fetch you good money. You can even rent out your farming tools or turn your garden shed into a temporary storage unit. 

  1. Your backdoor area

Your backdoor area has the potential to generate good income, but you need to do some strategic planning first. First, take the time to identify the space’s potential. For example, can it host events? Can you turn it into a garden? Is it a perfect place for crafts? After deciding on its best potential, invest in the necessary supplies and equipment, whether crafting materials, furniture, or gardening tools. Consider what services your local community will find more appealing or meet community needs and invest there. For example, if most people in your area are into yoga and meditation, you can design your backdoor space to host outdoor yoga and meditation sessions. 

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