How To Find Local Love During Lockdown

Whether you are playing the dating game, you want to meet a life long partner, or you just want to meet new people in your local area, dating during a pandemic hasn’t been the easiest for current singletons. However, don’t let the pandemic cause your dating life to completely come to a halt, as you can still have the chance to meet new people in your local area.

What are the current rules for meeting up with someone in a different household?

Currently, you can meet with up to six people from different households in an outdoor setting, as long as you stick to social distancing rules. If you want to make it serious with someone, you could even form a social bubble with them which means that you don’t need to adhere to social distancing rules such as staying two metres apart with anyone in your bubble (who doesn’t live with you). Once households have agreed to form a bubble, you can meet indoors or outdoors, visit and stay at each others homes, and do everything that people in the same household can do together.

There are some pitfalls of bubbling up with someone you have just started dating though, as it may lead to you becoming very dependent on them in a short matter of time, or rushing things with them very quickly.

How else can we keep in touch?

If it’s not possible to form a bubble with the person you are dating, rest assured that there are other ways that you can keep in touch. We live in a time that there is loads of technology to help us to keep in touch with each other, as communication is such a huge part of a relationship. You can schedule regular video chats with one another, which means you can have face to face conversations as well as over the phone or via texting. If you live in Cambridgeshire, there are plenty of Cambridgeshire dating sites about to meet someone local to you, as there are still some travel restrictions in place, or you can also trying a dating agency Cambridgeshire.

Can I still meet new people?

Lockdown is a great time to take advantage of online dating sites and apps, as you can look it at as a great time to meet new people. It’s a great way to get to know someone and chat about things you have in common before you meet them in person. This can even strengthen relationships and help you to focus on their personality rather than how attracted you are to them before you meet them. First impressions are so important, and chatting online first will give you chance to see how suited you are to the person you are chatting to, and if you could see a future with them.

Lockdown is a great opportunity to talk to some new people and combat loneliness, as many single people have struggled with the lockdown not being able to go on dates and see their friends.

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