How To Get A Good Deal From Trading In Your Car

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People trade-in vehicles for various reasons, including to upgrade or downgrade. But one thing is clear; there is a massive market for used cars. But the trading-in process might seem daunting for some as there seem to be many options, and the negotiations can get stressful. Fortunately, there are many advantages you can gain by getting a good deal when you trade-in your car. This article will discuss how to make a good deal when trading in your vehicle.

Get your timing right

Much like other sales, knowing when you trade-in your car will fetch you a much better offer than you would regularly get. Several other factors, including the current inventory at the dealership and the “sellability” of the car, will affect your offer. When new models hit the market, dealers are usually more willing to take up trade-ins to offset the new models’ sales. So, this is one of the best times to trade your car in. Also, look out for promotions, especially at the end of the month when salespeople need to meet their sales quotas. 

Clean and fix-up

Before you send your car to the dealer, you want to present it as clean and new as possible. So it would be best if you started by giving it a thorough clean. Wash the car, get it waxed and vacuumed. Clean the engine to remove any grime and grease. It would help if you also considered fixing up the small exterior parts that are easily replaceable. Although most car dealers can tell if a car is in good shape, it is always better to make an impression as it will indicate how well you treated the car and may help in the bargaining process.

Provide receipts

Receipts will come in handy when you are trading in your car. They provide a history of car ownership, usage, and repairs. This involves much more insight than just taking a cursory look at the vehicle. Car dealers will demand it, so you should keep a meticulous record of the receipts whenever you purchase a car. It will show proof of how well you handled the car and will be in your best interest when negotiating.

Do your homework

Before you send your car to the dealership, be sure to conduct proper research and have all your facts and figures handy. Go online and check the value of your vehicle based on mileage and years of use. Compare those figures with similar models so that you can make some comparative analysis. This information will be your basis of negotiation. The dealer will know that you know what you are about and will not just throw you a low offer.

Be ready to Walk

Not all offers will suit what you want, and in that case, do not settle, walk. There will be a better deal elsewhere, do not feel pressured to sign anything that is not in your interest. 

Whatever your reason is for trading in your car, set goals you want to achieve after trading your vehicle. This will help you focus on what you wish to during negotiations and do not settle for anything that keeps you from reaching your goals.

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