How to Get People to Actually Read Your Blog

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You write a blog because you want it to be read. Yes, you might have all kinds of other goals like making £100 a week or attracting freelancer clients via your blog too, but ultimately, you need people to read your blog before any of those things can happen.

Many bloggers get frustrated when they see lots of traffic heading to tier blog, only to find they spend no more than a couple of seconds looking at a post, which means that they have obviously not taken the time to read the content.

If this is a problem you are having, and you want people to actually read your blog posts, here are some helpful hints to make that happen:

Start by attracting the right audience

If you attract people who are interested in what you have to say in the first place, then, of course, they are far more likely to actually read your writing. Search engine optimisation services are the obvious answer. They will help you research and apply the keywords and search terms that your target audience uses the most so that you can rank highly for them on Google and hopefully get more interested people to view your blog.

Create catchy headlines

Often, people willl use the headline to decide whether they want to read further or not. So, you can’t ford to choose a lacklustre title; you need to come up with a headline that will hook them from the off whether by posing the question, stating shocking statistics or even using a funny pun.

Pexels – CCO Licence

Provide good value

People only read things when three is something in it for them, so you need to ensure you are giving good value with your blog posts. This could mean that you take the time to answer a pressing question that your audience has or that you write a how-to post that walks them through a particular task. But, it could equally mean that you write a really entertaining post because entertaining people is valuable too, of course.

Use bold images

It’s amazing how much difference a strong image can make. If you post a bold image that is relevant to the content, with every post, you will almost certainly see that more people click on and read the whole post. If you can take your own images, that is even better, but if not, good quality stock images should be fine. Just make sure that you credit them appropriately or your could end up in hot water.

Keep it short and sweet

There is absolutely a place for long-form posts in the blogging world, and having a few on your site can help with SEO, but if you want people to read what you are writing and engage with you, posts that are around 500 words are ideal as they do not take more than around 5 minutes to read and you can pack a surprising amount of info into them.

Here’s to more readers!

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