How To Keep Your Kitchen Renovation Costs to a Minimum

A kitchen tends to be the heart of the home so a renovation can be one of the most exciting changes you make. However, when it comes to costs, the feeling you get is not so exciting. From units to appliances to tiles, the costs just rise. The good news is, there are actually ways you can avoid this.

Here are the top 3 ways to keep your kitchen renovation costs to a minimum.

  1. A trusted fitter. The installation of the units and flooring alone can add a hefty sum to the overall cost. Finding someone trusty and more local can cut your prices by a good percentage and give you an impressive outcome like these Luxury kitchens in Crouch End. Remember, the fitting of the kitchen makes the most difference and can result in a longer lasting space, so find someone you can really trust!
  2. Shop around. Choosing the colour scheme and units that will go into this new investment can be time consuming and tiring and most stick to one supplier to save this headache. But looking around at different sellers can result in finding better deals and better-quality products whilst still keeping to a healthy budget. You may also find inspiration along the way for a better design of your kitchen. 
  3. Rethink extending. A common misconception when renovating is the need to make the space bigger. Majority of the time, an extension doesn’t raise the value of the house by much so the investment isn’t always worth it. When trying to keep costs to a minimum, the key is to work with the space you have. Change up old floors, fit new units and add a lick of paint. If room is still a requirement, consider knocking down internal walls to open up some more space. 

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