How To Reach Your Fitness Goals With Achillefit Nutrition & Training Activewear

With the festive season approaching, I am trying to prioritise exercising and staying active so that I can still indulge and enjoy the yummy food festivities have to offer. When it comes to staying active as Winter rolls around, I find that it can be really hard to find activewear that not only fits my body well and feels comfortable, but also keeps me warm and works with me, rather than against me when it comes to keeping active.

This is where the activewear range from Achillefit Nutrition & Training comes into play. I was very fortunate to be sent a t-shirt and a pair of their cycling shorts to try out and review. The items were delivered to my house really quickly and as soon as I unpacked the items i immediately noticed how great the quality of the items were and also how soft the material was.

To really test the items durability and to see how comfortable they were I decided my first workout using them would be to go for a run. When wearing the items, I found them to be really gentle and breathable, which is something that I don’t often find with most activewear I have tried out before. I also found that both the t-shirt and the cycling shorts allowed me to move really freely and weren’t at all restricting of my movements. I was sent a size small in both items which as a size 8-10 I found to be a perfect fit.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with both of the items and I have found they both really assist me in achieving my fitness goals.

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