How To Save Money at Christmas: 11 Bloggers Share Their Top Tips

The most expensive time of the year is just around the corner, and many of us are trying to look after our hard-earned pennies and cut a few corners.

With that in mind, I have called upon the help of some of my fellow bloggers, who have kindly decided to share some of their top tips with you, to help you save some extra money this Christmas. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Daily Deals UK

Plan, plan and PLAN. I write down every single gift that I have purchased and how much each present cost so that I can keep a running total for each person.

I used to just buy things and throw them into a cupboard, and I didn’t have a clue how much I had spent. Now, each person has a budget and once it has been reached I stop buying.

Check out Daily Deals UK here.

Mum On A Budget

My top tip for saving money at Christmas time is to organise a Secret Santa gift giving amongst the adults in your family.

We always make sure to set a budget for this to stop us from overspending. As well as saving money, it means you can put real thought into a gift for just one person.

Check out Mum On A Budget here.

Earning By The Sea

I believe in the saying ‘presence over presents’! This means that the people around the Christmas tree are much more important than the presents underneath it.

I pay for most of the bulk of Christmas in the January sales, which is when the seasonal stock is reduced.

Check out Earning By The Sea here.

Boost My Budget

I love using money making apps and websites to earn free gift cards in the run up to Christmas! My favourite is the Job Spotter app – you can earn free Amazon gift cards simply by snapping pictures of job signs in shop windows.

I like to save up my Amazon cards to use for my Christmas shopping. Getting paid in gift cards (as opposed to cash) makes it easier to keep your Christmas fund separate from your daily spending. Some other places to earn free gift cards include the Shoppix app, Qmee, Swagbucks and Insta GC.

Check out Boost My Budget here.

From Pennies To Pounds

I love buying presents from car boot sales, eBay and charity shops. My daughter has never been bothered about whether it’s in packaging or not.

Not only can you grab a bargain, but it’s also great for the environment too!

Check out From Pennies To Pounds here.

Savvy In Somerset

This year I’m focusing on couponing in the run up to Christmas to save money. I like to use apps such as Checkoutsmart, Shopmium and GreenJinn. So far, I have over £40 worth of food and drink put away that has cost me a total of around £10.

At Christmas, I’ll use some of the food to make hampers for friends and family, some will be for us to enjoy and anything I don’t use will go to the local food bank.

Check out Savvy In Somerset here.

Tuppennys Fireplace

I start preparing for the following Christmas immediately after it has finished. I do this by creating a budget for each person and trying to get what I can in the sales. I always go to Boots when they have the 70% off sales – I am there before the doors open!

You can save money by buying wrapping paper, cards and other Christmas supplies in January. I try to use my credit card for the majority of my spending, in order to build up my cashback. I use the cashback in December to get money off my grocery shopping.

Check out Tuppennys Fireplace here.

Ruth Makes Money

Consider having a conversation with your nearest and dearest about skipping the present buying this year, or even just buy each other a token gift within a set, modest budget.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of buying ‘stuff’ just for the sake of it. Often, it ends up being stuff that no one really wants or needs, and just leads to excessive spending and waste. Talking about money and gifts can feel tricky sometimes, but it’s likely that everyone involved will feel relieved.

Check out Ruth Makes Money here.

Tea & Cake For The Soul

I don’t have many people to buy for at Christmas and I am very much against people getting stressed or getting themselves into debt just for Christmas, as this goes against the spirit of it.

I save money by buying things throughout the year if I see something that someone will like, especially if it’s on sale or at a car boot sale.

My parents and I have a bit of a challenge to see who can buy the tackiest or most unusual present. This usually costs between £1-2 and always gives us a laugh. Similarly, my husband and I don’t buy anything for each other as we would rather use the money towards a holiday.

Check out Tea & Cake For The Soul here.

Kieran Crying

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realised that sentimental presents are more important than flashy and expensive presents. My favourite gift to give is to bake someone’s favourite treat, pay £1 or £2 for a nice decorative tin and then put time and effort into the message that I write to go along with their gift.

There is something so much more satisfying about making a gift with your own hands for someone you love and knowing that they’re going to enjoy the sentiment.

Check out Kieran Crying here.

Louise Sharp

Each year we ask the kids what they’d like for Christmas, and they usually name about 5 items each, which range from between £10 to £30. We usually get them a main present costing between £100 – £150, however I won’t just buy for buying sake.

We go on a break every year to a log cabin just after Christmas, so we would rather spend our money on that.

Check out Louise Sharpe here.

how to save money at Christmas

I hope these top tips have given you some new ideas on how you can save money this Christmas, and make sure to comment below with your best tip on how you save money.

Check out my post ‘How to Spend Less Money This Christmas and Avoid Debt‘ to find out more ways to save money and avoid using your credit card this year.

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top tips on how to save money this christmas

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  1. These are great tips! This year I’m trying to be super organised and I’ve made so many lists of what I need to buy and who to buy for. I’ve also got a Christmas spreadsheet on the go to keep track of my spending and what stuff I’m waiting to be delivered etc – it’s been so useful and it’s made me so much more conscious of what I’ve been spending!

    1. The spreadsheet is a great idea and I’m sure it makes it so much easy to see how much money you’ve spent and when you should stop spending! x

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