How To Spring Clean Your Life In 24 Hours


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Spring is not only the perfect time to spring clean your home, it’s also the best time to clear out your mind and begin new routines. Here are some ideas and tips that you can use in 2018 to refresh your life.

Spring Clean Your Technology

  • Clean out your email inbox and unsubscribe to spam emails
  • Sort through your phone apps and delete the ones you don’t use
  • Delete photos and notes on your phone that you don’t need to create some free memory space
  • Delete unnecessary files and documents on your computer


Create a Skincare Routine

  • Determine your skin type and use products (cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser etc) that are suitable for your skin
  • Keep up with it every day and you will see a difference in your skin


Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Clear Out Old Make-up

  • Dirty make-up brushes are a haven for bacteria and can irritate your skin so you should clean them regularly to prevent acne and skin problems
  • Mascara – replace it every 3 months
  • Foundation – replace it once a year
  • Eyeliner – replace it once a year


Take a Digital Detox

  • Put your phone down, go for a walk outside and take in the fresh air
  • Take some time away from social media and you will feel much better

Let Go Of People That Weigh You Down

  • Evaluate your friendships and relationships, if someone gets you down – cut all contact!


Set Yourself a Budget 

  • Budgeting allows you to create a spending plan for your money and it ensures you have money for the things you need. There is never a better time to begin budgeting than now.
  • Find out how I budget in my How To Make a Budget The Easy Way blog post!

Create a Fitness Routine

  • Starting a fitness routine can be one of the best things you can do for yourself
  • You can start running, join a gym or even take up yoga

(this is one I will be working on myself!)


I will definitely be using these tips to try and get my sh*t together, and I hope they have helped some of you too!


4 thoughts on “How To Spring Clean Your Life In 24 Hours

  1. This is a really great post! I’m working on having a stricter budget. I need to save some $. I’m also going to try to get back into dance, as it’s a great way to keep fit!

    1. My next post is on How To Create A Budget! It goes up on Wednesday 4th April this week so hopefully it may help you! Thank you for the comment! X

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