How to support your favourite football team

Since the Euros 2020 in the Summer, I am sure that football has many new fans and supporters, and there is plenty more football to look forward to throughout this season. With that in mind, here are just a few ways you can show support to your favourite football team.

  • Wave your flag

A great way to show support to your club is to fly their flag. You can get your favourite football flag design printed out or buy their club crest flag and keep it handy for match day. You can support your team in the best way possible with a football flag that you can wave high in the sky when your club plays. Another alternative to this is to hang a football flag on your bedroom wall at home. You could also hang it in your home office, man cave or bar, as football flags are a great way to give a room a bit more character and make it unique to you.

  • Get some football stickers

If you have children that are mad about football, the chances are that they will want football everything. When we were growing up my brother had football wallpaper, football bedding, football clothes, even football socks! I was sick of the sight of the Manchester United crest! It isn’t always possible to do this, but a fun way of personalising plain furniture and belongings is to get some stickers of their favourite club and/or players and stick them on.

  • Learn some of your favourite team’s football chants

You can learn the songs of your club and join in with the crowd when they are cheering your team on. If you don’t already know, the louder the crowd is, the more likely your team is to respond to the fans and give it their best shot!

It’s all about about the atmosphere on match day. You can help to enhance the atmosphere in the stadium by singing the football chants and songs that you know, and it is another way to show support to your team.

  • Go to a game

Once you have learnt the chants, it is time to put them into good practice! One of the most amazing feelings I have ever felt is going to a football game for the first time. Walking into the stadium with huge crowds all singing songs and chants was amazing, and actually realising how many people were watching the same game, let alone when your team scores a goal and all of the supporters go crazy! If there is one thing on my bucket list, it is to definitely go and see another game live. It is one thing seeing your favourite team on tv, but a completely different feeling seeing them play in person. If you aren’t able to watch a game live, you can keep track of the premier league scores online.

  • Wear your team’s shirt with pride

This may seem like the most obvious and common way to support your club, but wearing your team’s shirt with pride is a great way to show how much of a fan you are. There is no better way to support your club or country than wearing their shirt, so make sure you get your favourite shirt and wear it proudly the next time they play!

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