How To Use Creativity In Your Everyday Life

I believe that creativity makes life much more interesting and fulfilling. Why, you may ask? Creativity embraces originality and particularly in these times, we may find that you fall into a rut by repeating day to day mundane tasks. When I worked in my 9-5 office job, it was easy to tune into auto pilot mode just to get all of my jobs done. However since I became self employed and started to add a little creativity into my days, I found more efficient ways of functioning.

What is creativity?

When we think of creativity, it can be easy to think of artists and authors. But creativity is much more than that, it is a form of mindfulness that helps to create focus. It creates happiness and has a positive effect on your mental health, as well as helping to increase your energy.

How can you use creativity in your everyday life?

Especially during these times, it’s important to bring a little more fun into what you are doing. Once you start to think more consciously about what you are doing, you begin to observe the way you do things. Potentially there could be other ways of doing tasks that might be more efficient and effective. Once you start to think like this, you can see your problem or task in a variety of different ways.

For example, I am someone who is a full time creative so every day I find myself looking for new and engaging ways to make my life easier and my job more fun.

When I made the decision to become self employed in January 2021, it created a huge shift in my work schedule and I was forced to edit my daily routine. I quickly found that because I didn’t have to get up at a certain time to get ready and leave for work in the morning, I was wasting my time in bed as there was no rush to get up. However when I reflected on how much time I was wasting, I began to wake up at 8am to be ready at my computer for 10am. I actually found this change refreshing and I began to find more time in the day for things that I enjoy, such as going for walks and listing to music.

5 ways to inject some creativity in your life

  1. Take 10 minutes out of your day to reflect on the jobs you need to get done today. It helps me to list my jobs on a to do list so I can visualise what needs to be done.
  2. Make your surroundings as beautiful as you can. If you find your workspace interesting and unique, you will find yourself more motivated to work and this will inspire creativity in itself.
  3. Take a notebook and pen with you wherever you go so you can jot down new ideas and make note of your observations.
  4. Don’t be your worst critic. It’s a lot easier said than done as this is one of my downfalls, but criticising yourself will not help with your creativity.
  5. Use visualisation to keep an idea of where you would like to see yourself. As someone who believes in manifestation, I often use visualisation to picture how the mundane tasks I am doing will help me get to my long term goal.

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