How You Can Find Local Love In Lockdown

For some people, finding love may be the last thing on their mind during a worldwide pandemic. But for others, it may be at the forefront of their brain. With plenty of time on our hands at the minute, it could be fun to try something different and meet new people.

Online dating can be intimidating, but if you open up your mind to new possibilities, you may even end up finding the love of your life.

Social distancing has completely changed the dating game, and it is likely to leave many people feeling unsure on how to proceed with the new guidance and tiered system in place. To get you started on your journey, here are some dating tips and advice on how you can find local love in lockdown.

Understand the social distancing rules and apply them to dating

If you are finding the rules confusing, and you are unsure of what you can and can’t do, you may need some extra clarification on what is acceptable. People may have different perceptions of what’s right and wrong, so ask in advance how they feel about a socially distanced meeting and check with them first about what helps them to feel safe. Pushing someone to do something that they feel uncomfortable with is unlikely to end well, so it is easier for both parties to be sure on how the meeting will go.

If you have any fears of how the other person will act in the situation, you need to be honest with them and set boundaries. It may be a good idea to discuss expectations and ground rules before the date begins. For example, how are you comfortable greeting each other? A hug, a kiss on the cheek or a handshake may have been standard behaviour before lockdown, but it is important to take the time to reconsider with the restrictions in place.

Enjoy the experience

With online dating, there is no need to rush anything, and it allows you to take the time to get to know someone first before you commit to doing anything with them. Gloucestershire dating has become increasingly popular, with many Gloucester singles taking the plunge into online dating. It’s important to remember that it may be a new experience for lots of people, and despite the uncertainty around us, now could be the perfect opportunity to get out there.

Dates can still be fun in lockdown!

Because we are in lockdown, we have to have socially distanced dates or better yet, virtual dates! Just because dates aren’t the norm at the moment, doesn’t mean we can’t make it heaps of fun!

Currently in the UK, we are allowed to meet in groups of 6 or less with people from another household, and we are also allowed to form a support bubble with another household if you are a single household, which means that you don’t need to adhere to social distancing rules with that household only. You never know, you may end up finding your soulmate!

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